The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175: Wedding Chaos (4)

Everyone was silent.

Blood was gushing out from Mo Zhao's chest, and even his lips were bleeding.

His body trembled as he pulled out a gold hairpin from his wound and threw it onto the floor.

It seemed like Gu Xijiu had stabbed him with the hairpin. It was about 20 centimeters long, and his face was pale as the hairpin had penetrated through his heart.

One would have immediately died if something penetrated through their heart. However, Mo Zhao was different as he could still stand and spoke, "Gu Xijiu, you pretender! Where did you get the hairpin!?"

Mo Zhao always felt insecure and doubtful. Hence, he was always well prepared. Even though he knew that Gu Xijiu had amnesia and only liked him, he did not give her any weapons or sharp objects. Though the Phoenix Cornet was amazingly beautiful and luxurious, it was made entirely out of pearls and gems, and there were no sharp objects attached to it. There was not even a single mini hairpin or hair clip attached to her hair, not to mention a 20 centimeters long hairpin!

Gu Xijiu smiled but remained silent as she was not obliged to answer his question. In fact, she had recovered from her amnesia ever since she woke up early this morning. Therefore, she decided to observe the situation first before she stole a hairpin from the female servant when she had bumped into her earlier.

She knew that the female servant liked wearing a few hairpins on her head. Hence, she would not notice if there was one or two missing.

Mo Zhao looked at Di Fuyi. "I thought there were two more Spiritual Chains attached to your body…"

Di Fuyi smiled. "Look at what's in your palm."

Mo Zhao had encountered several obstacles in a row. His leg was numb, and his heart was in excruciating pain. However, he had forgotten about it until Di Fuyi had reminded him.

He subconsciously looked at his palm and realized that a shiny key had penetrated through his palm!

It was the key that was meant to unlock the Spiritual Chains on Di Fuyi's body.

Mo Zhao asked Gu Xijiu as he glared at her, "Did you steal it for him!?"

"Bingo!" Gu Xijiu answered happily. She had secretly stolen the key from inside Mo Zhao's sleeve when she held his arm earlier and pretended that she had tripped. She then took the opportunity and threw the key into Di Fuyi's arms when she had almost fallen onto him earlier.

She was as fast and accurate as a professional thief as she had managed to steal something from Mo Zhao without him knowing it.

Meanwhile, Di Fuyi had noticed the key as it had poked his arm when she threw it earlier! Though the key was cold, his heart was boiling at that moment.

Mo Zhao was speechless. Even though he was usually cold and strict, Gu Xijiu was the first one who had dared to act recklessly towards him, and she had succeeded!

Who was she in her previous life? How could she be so smart, brave and talented at acting? Though he already knew about Gu Xijiu's personality, he chose to believe in her again! And he was tricked like an idiot!

He blacked out again as the injury on his chest was severe enough to kill him. He took a step back as he laughed. "You planned well, but this is my territory! Do you think that you can escape even though I'm injured!? Come on, arrest them!"

The audience had just realized what had happened and quickly rushed forward.

Gu Xijiu moved slightly and rushed past two of the people who stepped forward! She was teleporting, and the two of them were unaware of it. Hence, their weapons were missing by the time they realized what had happened!

When Gu Xijiu returned to Di Fuyi's side, she had two swords in her hands.