The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176: Wedding Chaos (5)

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She stood beside Di Fuyi and spoke as she handed him one of the swords, "Let's find a way to escape!"

She knew that it was risky to attack at that moment, but she had no choice! She did not want to marry Mo Zhao even if she was pretending as she could not bear the guilt.

Besides that, she knew that Mo Zhao was going to kill Di Fuyi once the wedding ceremony had ended! Though she had very little time to come up with a better plan, she tried coming up with something as they fought.

God knows that she felt dreadful as she thought about all the sacrifices that Di Fuyi had gone through for her all this while. She felt incredibly guilty and was touched because he was willing to become Mo Zhao's hostage for her and had gone through so much suffering so that he could be with her. Why could she not risk her life for him now?!

Luckily, she had recalled everything in time! She could not imagine the consequences if she did not. Perhaps, she would have married Mo Zhao. Co