The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178: Arrogant Queen

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Since Gu Xijiu was the bride today, the brothers did not fight using their full potential as they wanted to capture her alive.

Both of them were the best of partners as every single one of their attacks was fierce and accurate, and their skills were rather captivating. Many heroes and heroines had died under their cold-blooded hands.

They anticipated that they could finish the battle and arrest Gu Xijiu within 15 minutes before proceeding to arrest Di Fuyi who was watching the fight as he leaned against a pillar. However, things did not turn out as they had anticipated.

Indeed, the battle had ended within 15 minutes, but it was the brothers who had been killed instead of Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi, and their corpses were now lying on the floor.

Gu Xijiu who looked weak and timid had gotten her hair messed up a little during the battle. However, her accessories were still intact, and she was still wearing the heavy gown.

She had taken off her headgear before s