The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180: A Lovely Scene

"What a lovely scene! I feel so touched. However, both of you are such a pitiful couple. Gu Xijiu, do you think that you could escape with him especially when he is so severely injured?"

He then said as he glanced at Di Fuyi, "Though he is free now, he can hardly walk and is now as weak as a sick chicken. Any of my guards could beat him now. How could you even contemplate escaping with him from my palace? You would not even be able to leave the basilica!"

Di Fuyi immediately interrupted him before he had finished, "What if we succeed in escaping from this basilica and also the underground palace?"

Mo Zhao puffed arrogantly. "Then I'll call you grandpa!"

Di Fuyi nodded. "Excellent! Just you wait!"

An arm stretched over and placed itself on Gu Xijiu's arm. "Xijiu, it seems like we need to work slightly harder."

Gu Xijiu thought that he could not stand anymore. Hence she allowed him to lean against her again and replied, "Sure!"

She glanced around and grinned evilly. Everyone quickly retreated a little as they looked at her.

Most of them felt uneasy, and someone finally addressed the elephant in the room. "My Great Lord, we are afraid of hurting her…"

Mo Zhao narrowed his eyes and slowly spoke, "Don't worry, just do what you need to do!"

"What if we accidentally kill her?"

"That's fine! I've told you, do what you need to do!" Mo Zhao's voice sounded as though a cold breeze was lingering in the basilica.

It was okay to kill Gu Xijiu now. After all, Long Fan could always make a new one. Besides that, her original body was still there, and it was being guarded safely by one of the guards.

When the time comes, he would rob Gu Xijiu's original body and let her return to it.

The little girl had tricked him; he must teach her a lesson! Therefore, he added, "As long as they are defeated, I'll reward you! Even if she's dead!"

Loud chants were heard in the basilica. The Great Lord used to pamper her and prioritize her so much. How could he say that all of a sudden? Indeed, he is evil and ruthless!

Even though they admired him, they were also afraid of him. They had no idea about how ruthless Mo Zhao could be as he was treating Gu Xijiu this way even though she was his beloved person.

Sometimes, it was quite scary thinking of the details. Hence, it was better not to think.

The audience suppressed their fear and drew their weapons. The surroundings immediately grew cold as everyone was ready to fight.

Since The Great Lord had given them the green light, they should try their best! Some people had even begun to curse Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu to please The Great Lord.

"Haha! Hey, do both of you think that you can escape? Stop dreaming man!"

"Gu Xijiu, I have no idea why the h*ck you gave up the chance to be our Great Lord's wife and would rather risk your life to save this idiot. Are you stupid? How could he beat The Great Lord?! Our Great Lord is way better than him!"

"He's right. It would be better if you just abandoned him and apologized to our Great Lord. Perhaps, he would spare your life since you're quite pretty."