The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181: Continue Your Show!

"Yes! Quickly take a shower and wait for The Great Lord to penetrate you… If he is happy with your service, perhaps…"

Countless vulgar words and insults came from the surroundings.

Suddenly, a white ray appeared and flashed across those who were talking while everyone was still laughing.




Several screams were heard among the crowd followed by a few people bouncing up in mid-air with blood gushing out with their tongues rolled out from their mouths.

The white ray came too suddenly, not to mention trying to avoid it, those people did not even manage to see where the ray came from!

There were many experts at the scene but none could see the source of the white ray. However, they could feel the brightness and power of the ray - it must have been issued by an expert who possessed a spiritual power of level nine or above.

At the moment, everyone thought that there were enemies who attacked their palace as they continuously looked around miserably.

However, Mo Zhao was staring at Di Fuyi in shock. "You…"

Di Fuyi was the one who issued the ray!

At the moment, Celestial Master Zuo was still lazily leaning against Gu Xijiu's body with a sword in his hand. "The tongue is for eating. Since they were using it to spit sh*t, might as well cut it off?"

Mo Zhao was mad but speechless.

Everyone's expression changed and they quickly took a few steps back. Celestial Master Zuo could still cut off their tongue even after being tortured to this extent!

Gu Xijiu was surprised as well. She looked at Di Fuyi who was leaning on her and asked, "Do you still have any spiritual power? Did Mo Zhao get fake Spiritual Chains?"

Di Fuyi was still leaning against her body and quickly answered, "No, I have lost a lot of it."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. "Damn it, just continue your show!"

In fact, she was wondering when the other men started smelling normal as they used to be stinky!

Besides that, Di Fuyi originally smelled stinky as well, but he is smelling good now. However, since he was so good at pretending, Gu Xijiu decided to tease him. She immediately sent him a directed audio. "You smell a little stinky…"

Di Fuyi's body immediately stiffened, and he quickly asked softly, "Has your sense of smell not recovered yet?"

He had already fed her the antidote last night, it should be working before the ceremony... She seemed to be fine earlier. Hence, he thought she had recovered. However...

Gu Xijiu coughed once. "Guess and see." She then looked at his robe with a gaze of annoyance.

Di Fuyi suddenly recalled that he was acting too professionally as he had not taken a shower or used his cleaning spell in the past few days.

He had been trapped in the prison for more than ten days and all the sweat and blood had been absorbed into his robe… Indeed, that was awful! Even if her nose had recovered, he was indeed as stinky as a salted fish! That was unacceptable!

Di Fuyi quickly flicked his sleeve, and a light flashed by, and all the blood stains on his robe were gone almost instantly. His silky hair was like a waterfall on the mountains, and he was now wearing his purple robe with a headband and a gem shining on his forehead. He had transformed back to his old appearance, "How about this?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Di Fuyi tried to make himself look neat and asked as he smiled. "Do I still smell as stinky as a salted fish?"