The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182: Who Are You?!

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Gu Xijiu was running out of words as she looked at Di Fuyi.

She was not surprised that he used his cleaning magic, though, the way he changed into a new robe was too fast! His previous clothes were as dirty as a beggar's, but now, he was wearing a brand new purple robe made from the smoothest silk.

She remembered that Mo Zhao once mentioned to her that he had cleared everything out from Di Fuyi's storage space and that there was nothing left for him, not even his underwear. So, where did he get his new robe from as well as his headband? She remembered that he had not been wearing it for some time, how did he even get it back on his forehead?

In fact, he would not smell even if he did not bathe for ten days. Perhaps, there might be a little smell of blood, but Gu Xijiu would be okay with it. She just wanted to tease him earlier by saying he stunk.

Who would expect that he would immediately change in front of everyone? Even though the way he changed his clothes