The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182: Who Are You?!

Gu Xijiu was running out of words as she looked at Di Fuyi.

She was not surprised that he used his cleaning magic, though, the way he changed into a new robe was too fast! His previous clothes were as dirty as a beggar's, but now, he was wearing a brand new purple robe made from the smoothest silk.

She remembered that Mo Zhao once mentioned to her that he had cleared everything out from Di Fuyi's storage space and that there was nothing left for him, not even his underwear. So, where did he get his new robe from as well as his headband? She remembered that he had not been wearing it for some time, how did he even get it back on his forehead?

In fact, he would not smell even if he did not bathe for ten days. Perhaps, there might be a little smell of blood, but Gu Xijiu would be okay with it. She just wanted to tease him earlier by saying he stunk.

Who would expect that he would immediately change in front of everyone? Even though the way he changed his clothes would not expose his pubic region, Gu Xijiu was still shocked.

Di Fuyi's arm was placed on her shoulder again, and he asked, "Am I still stinky now?"

Of course not, in fact, she just wanted to tease him!

Gu Xijiu tried to test him. "Did you just use your cleaning magic?"

Di Fuyi shook his fair finger. "No, it was a cleaning spell."

Everyone's eyes opened widely as they were shocked.

Cleaning spell was way more powerful than cleaning magic.

People with spiritual power at level seven could use the ordinary cleaning magic, but that would only be enough to dry their clothes. Only people with spiritual power of level nine or above could use the cleaning spell, which helps to clean the whole body from the head to the toe and even put on clean clothes! Which means that his current spiritual power was at level nine or above.

The eight Spiritual Chains did not seem to work even after locking him up for nine days. Everyone started to suspect that the Spiritual Chains had been swapped, as they looked at the two chains left on the floor.

Celestial Master Zuo was too famous. Other than The Lord who rarely appeared on the continent, he had the best martial arts in this era. Besides that, he has always been unpredictable. Hence, it was not a good idea to offend him.

Finally, Di Fuyi was caught, and Mo Zhao thought his Kung Fu would vanish after locking him up with the spiritual chains, but he was wrong.

And now, those who were teasing Di Fuyi earlier had begun to be fearful and slowly retreated as their faces turned pale.

Mo Zhao's face turned pale as well. "Di Fuyi, who the h*ck are you?"

Di Fuyi shouted as he cleaned his fingernail, "Are you stupid!? Why are you asking me this question after calling my name?"

Mo Zhao clenched his fists. "I think that you are more than just Celestial Master Zuo!"

Di Fuyi smiled. "Uhh, you suspect that I am The Lord huh?"

'The Lord' was like a scary spell, as everyone's expression changed as soon as they heard the title.

The Lord hardly got involved in the matters of the human realm, but he was the almighty god. No one shall be against him, not even the evilest people in the continent.

They might be able to escape if they offend Celestial Master Zuo but there would be no way of surviving if they had outraged The Lord. Perhaps, their souls could not even escape from his net!

Fearfully invaded everyone's eyes as they took a few steps backward again.

Mo Zhao immediately regretted after mentioning that title!

He had just lost the trust of all of his subordinates; it would still be easy to negotiate or coax his people if Di Fuyi was just Celestial Master Zuo.