The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183: She Did Not Have To Fight Alone

As Mo Zhao had not lost the trust of all his subordinates, it was still easy to negotiate or coax them to fight Di Fuyi if he was just Celestial Master Zuo. However, their spirits would be crushed if Di Fuyi was indeed The Lord!

Mo Zhao was quick in response and chuckled. "What kind of nonsense are you talking about? How could you possibly be The Lord? You have nothing similar to him, just stop boasting!"

Di Fuyi smiled casually. "You can never tell though!"

Everyone immediately looked at each other doubtfully. In fact, none of them felt that Di Fuyi was The Lord.

Mo Zhao was worried, hence, he immediately ordered. "He is trying to imitate The Lord! Get him now! No matter who he is, we have offended him and none of us would be able to survive if he escapes! Let us kill him now!"

Everyone finally regained their consciousness after looking at each other for a few seconds!

They found that Mo Zhao was right, none of them came with a clean background and they have indeed offended Di Fuyi, hence, there was definitely no room for them to negotiate once Di Fuyi escapes!

Therefore, everyone drew closer again and formed a human wall around Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu. All of them were holding many different weapons and some were ready to launch their attack at anytime. A murderous aura lingered in the basilica like a cyclone in a desert.

Although Di Fuyi possessed a spiritual power of level nine, they were indeed on the disadvantageous side. Coupled with the fact that they were trapped in the lair of their enemy, no one believed they could escape from the underground palace!

Even if Celestial Master Zuo was The Lord, they could only try their best to defeat him!

The battle was about to begin!

Gu Xijiu was well prepared as she straightened her body. She knew that it was definitely going to be an intense battle.

Luckily, Di Fuyi was able to preserve his Kung Fu and she did not have to fight alone.

Mo Zhao secretly retreated out from the circle as he was injured. In fact, he exhausted most of his strength giving the instructions earlier. Since his warriors' spirits were all boosted now, he could finally let out a sigh of relief.

At the moment, Doctor Li silently came to him. "My Great Lord, how are you feeling? Let me take care of your wounds."

He was considered loyal at this critical moment.

After all, Mo Zhao did not know much about medicines. Although his wounds had stopped bleeding, they were still very painful as he was too busy to get a physician earlier.

He nodded slightly. "Yes, please."

They quickly moved to a corner, and Doctor Li opened Mo Zhao's top and exposed the wound and flesh.

He quickly took out a bandage, some cotton, antiseptic solution, cream and many more items. "My Great Lord, we need to take good care of your wounds. Let us clean it first; it would hurt slightly." He said as he held a bottle of solution in his hand.

The solution was light purple which looked similar to the antiseptic solution we usually use.

Mo Zhao replied, "No worries."

Doctor Li sprayed the solution on his wound.

Suddenly, Mo Zhao grabbed his hand which was the holding the antiseptic solution, "Wait!"

Doctor Li was shocked. "Yes?"

Mo Zhao grabbed the bottle over. "A loyal subordinate should always have a test on the medicine first…" Before he finished talking, Doctor Li narrowed his eyes and took out a green sword and stabbed Mo Zhao!

Mo Zhao was not surprised but laughed coldly. "I knew it!" He quickly sprayed the solution on Doctor Li!

A fight immediately broke out between the two of them.