The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183: She Did Not Have To Fight Alone

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As Mo Zhao had not lost the trust of all his subordinates, it was still easy to negotiate or coax them to fight Di Fuyi if he was just Celestial Master Zuo. However, their spirits would be crushed if Di Fuyi was indeed The Lord!

Mo Zhao was quick in response and chuckled. "What kind of nonsense are you talking about? How could you possibly be The Lord? You have nothing similar to him, just stop boasting!"

Di Fuyi smiled casually. "You can never tell though!"

Everyone immediately looked at each other doubtfully. In fact, none of them felt that Di Fuyi was The Lord.

Mo Zhao was worried, hence, he immediately ordered. "He is trying to imitate The Lord! Get him now! No matter who he is, we have offended him and none of us would be able to survive if he escapes! Let us kill him now!"

Everyone finally regained their consciousness after looking at each other for a few seconds!

They found that Mo Zhao was right, none of them came with a clean background a