The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184: Has Everyone Become The Best Actors And Actresses?!

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Although Mo Zhao was injured, he was the Omen. In fact, his spiritual power had exceeded level ten, but his physical body still possessed a spiritual power of level nine. Although he had yet to achieve level ten, his response was better than that of a level nine warrior. Even though he was severely injured, his martial arts were still to be feared.

The five-colored ray broke the green sword in Doctor Li's hand into pieces as though it was a colorful blade and the antiseptic solution turned dark purple when he sprayed it.It was poisonous!

Doctor Li was very fast in response as well. He immediately bent down and managed to avoid the spray. Instead, the solution sprayed onto a guard behind him. The guard screamed in pain as his face turned dark green. A few seconds after he trembled, he turned into a puddle of green liquid.

Mo Zhao was furious and immediately launched another attack without waiting for Doctor Li to get up!

This time, he went all in to attack a