The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185: It Was All In Your Plan

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Mo Zhao got himself trapped in their plan!

Mo Zhao mind worked extremely fast. He immediately thought of the palace guards that Long Siye had brought back with him when he went out to gather the herbs. Abruptly, he turned his attention towards the crowd.

He noticed that they were still hiding amongst the crowd. He could not contain his sudden realization. "Beware of Zhang Qing"

After he mentioned the name, a few of them suddenly emerged. In fact, it was not just a few. More than ten of them in the crowd suddenly soared.

Different colored rays of light staggered in great brilliancy. The palace guards fell to the ground one by one, followed by their brief sound of screaming. Dozens of them had fallen.


"Celestial Master Zuo!"



About seven or eight of them landed themselves next to Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu. They bowed one after another to give Di Fuyi their salute. Their appearances remained as that of palace g