The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185: It Was All In Your Plan

Mo Zhao got himself trapped in their plan!

Mo Zhao mind worked extremely fast. He immediately thought of the palace guards that Long Siye had brought back with him when he went out to gather the herbs. Abruptly, he turned his attention towards the crowd.

He noticed that they were still hiding amongst the crowd. He could not contain his sudden realization. "Beware of Zhang Qing…"

After he mentioned the name, a few of them suddenly emerged. In fact, it was not just a few. More than ten of them in the crowd suddenly soared.

Different colored rays of light staggered in great brilliancy. The palace guards fell to the ground one by one, followed by their brief sound of screaming. Dozens of them had fallen.


"Celestial Master Zuo!"



About seven or eight of them landed themselves next to Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu. They bowed one after another to give Di Fuyi their salute. Their appearances remained as that of palace guards, but they had undoubtedly regained their voices.

Gu Xijiu facepalmed at what she saw. She had a good memory and her ability to recognize people was great, too. All these people were mostly her acquaintances.

Mu Feng, Mu Lei, Mu Yun, Mu Dian, Tian Jiyue, Qian Lingyu…

All five heaven's gift disciples were present. All except Wu Wuyan.

While the others should be Di Fuyi's followers, as they had addressed Di Fuyi as their master when they bowed.

Gu Xijiu would not have thought that all of them had managed to sneak in. She could not help but look at Di Fuyi. That explained why he had been so unflappable all this while. He had thoroughly worked out the entire strategy.

The turn of events happened too suddenly, and the palace guards were dumbstruck by the sudden shift.

Mo Zhao visibly grunted at the change, but he was determined to fight a desperate fight like a stranded wild beast. He shouted, "There are only 18 of them, while we have more than 300 people with us. Do not be afraid; they are outnumbered!"

His exclamation managed to appease the worried men. The confused palace guards were finally pulling themselves together, as though they had rediscovered their pillar of faith. One after another, they surrounded themselves around Mo Zhao.

"Clang!" There was a loud play on the lute, loud as though the sound of the ground shattering. The crowd could not help but shiver at the sound of it.

The crowd turned to search for the direction of the sound. They realized the timid female accompanist who was sitting boldly on the table. The lute was placed horizontally on her lap. She smiled at them like a cunning fox. "Do you still think that you have the ability to fight? Why don't you touch your abdomen, one inch below your belly button and see how it feels."

The crowd was stunned. Too many unforeseen events had happened in just a day. All the palace guards were startled and continued to touch their bellies. Then, they immediately drew back their hand, as if a bee has stung them.

"Painful! Painful! Itchy! Itchy!"

More importantly, they could tell that their spiritual power had been sealed, preventing them from utilizing their abilities. They were poisoned before they knew it.

The palace guards' faces turned dark as they slowly figured out that the current situation was beyond salvation. They turned to look at one another, and then suddenly, they quickly ran towards the exit.

Before they could even make it to the door, an invisible cover suddenly fell from above, completely sealing the exit without leaving a single gap. Above the cover, stood a lady in a fluttering yellow dress. "Run? How dare you run after plotting against our master? How can I easily let you all run away?"

Her eyes were sharp, brimming with radiating vigor. There was a domineering sense of arrogance in her eyes when she looked down at those palace guards, as though a hunter looking down at her perturbed preys scurrying chaotically.

The cover was obviously her magic tool, sealing the way entirely as though a giant obstacle that was unable to be moved.