The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186: Di Fuyis Strategy

There was only one door. The rest of the hall was bounded with green jade walls that were exceptionally fire-resistant. Beyond the walls was the lava that was capable of melting everything in its way.

There was no way to escape. Moreover, all of them were too poisoned to use their spiritual power. What could they do? They were essentially little chicks waiting to be slaughtered.

They would never have thought that a bustling wedding ceremony would end up in such a situation.

A while ago, they were humiliating Celestial Master Zuo. They were thrilled to see how Celestial Master Zuo would react, seeing his love marrying another man.

Then, everything took a quick turn. They were unable to reverse the situation; even sparing their lives was too much to ask.

The look on their faces only showed despair. Most of them turned their eyes to Mo Zhao, while some of them were looking for Elder Long.

Elder Long was a towering figure in medicine and poison. As long as he was around, these men were never concerned that they would get poisoned. Elder Long could always tell the source of the poison in advance. They would never have to worry about falling into poisonous traps. However, at this very moment, they were seemingly poisoned. Why did Long Fan not realize it in advance?

Could he be one of the men from Di Fuyi?

"Elder Long is gone!"

"Ah, right, why is he gone?" A loud disturbance had broken out.

There was a massive crowd in the hall. Moreover, the basilica was in constant chaos. None of them had realized that Long Fan left.

Gu Xijiu frowned. Long Fan was a considerable concern, what if he got away?

Di Fuyi seemed to notice her concern, so he gripped her hand gently. "Don't worry, he will not get away."

After that, they could hear the sound of people fighting from the outside.

Di Fuyi had arranged some forces at the outside as well. They might have caught Long Fan while he was trying to flee in disarray.

Di Fuyi signaled at Mu Feng along with Mu Yun. They immediately went out to capture the man.

Di Fuyi then turned to look at Mo Zhao, who was now standing there looking down at the floor. His face beamed with delight. "Mo Zhao, shouldn't you address me as your grandpa now?"

Mo Zhao looked up and burst into laughter. "In your dreams!"

He bounced into the air and hit a strike on the roof of the hall.

All the faces in the hall changed.

There was lava beyond the roof. Once the roof collapsed, the lava would pour into the hall immediately, and all of them would perish together.

Countless people screamed in distress. "Don't!"

"No!" However, Mo Zhao's strike was too quick. None of them could stop him.

His strike was mighty, powerful enough to shatter the unbreakable metal shield, let alone the hard jadeite.

"Boom!" A loud bang could be heard following the strike. The impact trembled all the poisoned palace guards. Some of the weaker ones were already spitting out blood due to the dominant force.

Mo Zhao was confident that his strike was able to shatter the roof entirely and all of them would perish with him.

To his surprise, the strike ended up on a faint wizardry barrier, securing the green jadeite roof above. His attack had only managed to tremble the boundary a little. The green jadeite roof did not even crack a tiny bit.

Mo Zhao was speechless. It did not occur to him that the hall was secured with such a wizardry barrier. He immediately turned his bloodshot eyes to Di Fuyi. "You have even set up a wizardry barrier here!?"

Di Fuyi responded briefly, "Of course!"

Mo Zhao clenched his fists tightly. "You have considered every possible factor."

All of them finally saw the light and began to be worried.

The people who stood with Di Fuyi were all elites. They could easily escape even if the lava poured into the hall.