The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187: Di Fuyis Strategy (2)

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In stark contrast, all the palace guards were poisoned and could hardly move. Once the lava flooded into the hall, they could never escape.

Their Great Lord did not consider their safety at all.

Long Fan had escaped without them, and The Great Lord wanted them to die in accompanying pits. It turned out that their loyalty was nothing but a joke.

The guards' faces were pale due to the effect of the poison. Now, their faces had turned entirely grey.

During this time of great despair, they decided to risk everything they had. Some of themalready broke into a torrent of verbal abuse, cursing Mo Zhao as a cruel and unscrupulous person and that they must have been blind for being his followers all this while.

At this moment, Mo Zhao was wholly deserted by his followers.

If they were not poisoned, they would rise in revolt and fight against him.

Mo Zhao was indeed an Omen. He could remain calm and composed even when he was besieged on all sides. He