The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188: Di Fuyis Strategy (3)

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Di Fuyi gave him a gentle look and was pleased to help him out with the query. "This is another effect of the Sanyang pill. I should not take the credit; it must go to Overlord Long."

Long Siye pursed his lips gently. "I do not deserve it. It was your dumb idea."

Mo Zhao's face turned pale. He thought that he had wholly controlled Di Fuyi, not knowing that he was gradually falling into Di Fuyi's traps.

He had been so careful and aware, but he still got himself trapped. He should have won the fight this time.

He stared at Di Fuyi with his dreadful eyes. "I resented deeply the fact that I did not kill you at once."

Di Fuyi turned to look at him seriously. "There is no cure for such a resentment."

"Di Fuyi, did you stage your capture? You wanted to come here not just for her?" Mo Zhao pointed a finger at Gu Xijiu.

Di Fuyi hit his finger immediately. "Don't point your claw at her, I do not like it."

Although Mo Zhao's soul was in a virtual