The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188: Di Fuyis Strategy (3)

Di Fuyi gave him a gentle look and was pleased to help him out with the query. "This is another effect of the Sanyang pill. I should not take the credit; it must go to Overlord Long."

Long Siye pursed his lips gently. "I do not deserve it. It was your dumb idea."

Mo Zhao's face turned pale. He thought that he had wholly controlled Di Fuyi, not knowing that he was gradually falling into Di Fuyi's traps.

He had been so careful and aware, but he still got himself trapped. He should have won the fight this time.

He stared at Di Fuyi with his dreadful eyes. "I resented deeply the fact that I did not kill you at once."

Di Fuyi turned to look at him seriously. "There is no cure for such a resentment."

"Di Fuyi, did you stage your capture? You wanted to come here not just for her?" Mo Zhao pointed a finger at Gu Xijiu.

Di Fuyi hit his finger immediately. "Don't point your claw at her, I do not like it."

Although Mo Zhao's soul was in a virtual form, his reflexes did not seem to reduce. He quickly tilted aside and avoided Di Fuyi's strike. "Am I right?"

With pleasure, Di Fuyi threw him a delighted look. "You are bad at driving a wedge between us."

Mo Zhao scorned. "Is it?" In fact, he was reluctant to see Gu Xijiu guarding by Di Fuyi's side. He wanted to make Gu Xijiu feel a little bad.

At this very moment, Tian Jiyue, Qian Yueran, Mu Lei and Mu Dian were quietly closing in from different corners. All of them had different tools in their hands that were commonly used to fight against souls.

They wanted to exterminate him, as they did not wish to leave him any chance of revival. Therefore, they did not prepare themselves to catch him alive. They wanted to make his soul perish and evaporate like a mist.

Wickedly, the corners of Mo Zhao's mouth turned up into a smile. "Di Fuyi, you have won this time! However, you will not be able to delight until the end." He raised and lashed down his foot abruptly to the ground.

The five-colored ray started to gleam like a glorious rainbow at the bottom of his foot. Followed by a loud explosive sound, the floor was shaking as though being activated and started to sink.

"Boom!" The massive column of lava burst out from the hole as if an erupting volcano throwing showers of lava into the hall. Meanwhile, Mo Zhao's soul was suddenly nowhere to be seen.



It was as if Mo Zhao had stepped on a button that would tear down the entire underground palace. There was no putting off the explosions heard from the entire place. It seemed like more places had already burst open like a volcano. The ground began to tremor.

"Damnit." Gu Xijiu could not help but curse. She did not expect that Mo Zhao still had his last resort.

The crowd would never have seen it coming, too. They were all running towards outside.

The lava started to pour in all directions within the underground palace, as though the world was finally coming to an end.

It was manageable for Gu Xijiu and the rest of them as they were all well trained, They were literally flying towards the ships that would be able to carry them to safety.

It was a shame for the palace guards, as they were unable to fly due to the effect of the poison. They could not even run fast enough. One by one, the lava slowly engulfed them alive.

Gu Xijiu's heart sank. The ships must have been destroyed, too. She was concerned that they might be buried alive, along with the underground palace.

It was not too bad. When they finally made it to the side of the lava pool, Mu Feng and Gu Canmo managed to catch up with them.

"Celestial Master Zuo, Long Fan wanted to destroy these ships a few moments ago. Fortunately, I managed to stop him in time," Gu Canmo shouted from afar.

"Master, please get on board, our men have these ships under control!" Mu Feng immediately reported.