The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190: Leaving (2)

"You had been manipulated back then. It was not entirely your fault." Gu Xijiu replied as she slowly raised her hand towards Long Siye, "I just hope that we are still friends!"

The corners of his mouth raised slightly. He briefly nodded and raised his hand to meet hers. "Still friends!"

Although he never wanted to be her friend, he knew that he did not stand a chance after seeing the chemistry between Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi.

Regardless of his intention, everything he did was destined to fail after he put her on the operating table in their previous lives. Although they met again in this life, the affection they shared in the past was long gone. A grip of their hands and their enmity was banished. From now on, they could only be friends.

Di Fuyi sat next to her. He rested his head in his hands and quietly watched as Gu Xijiu took Long Siye's hand, without feeling any jealousy. There was a sense of delight in his eyes.

The little girl had defended him in dangerous circumstances like a hen protecting her chick against an aggressive hawk. Even after the volcano had erupted, she did not let go of him at all as they evacuated from the palace. She also used her teleportation to get him to safety. However, after settling him down on the ship, she no longer paid any attention to him. She only talked to Li Mengxia and Long Siye.

She did not even want to look at him straight in the eyes. The little girl seemed to be a bit mad at him. Di Fuyi gently knocked on his temple. She must be mad at him for not telling her anything, after arranging such a massive plot. Should he try to rectify the situation? He did not want to lose her once their vessel had reached the shore.

He coughed. "Xijiu, I did not mean to keep you out of the plot intentionally"

Gu Xijiu turned and looked at him straight in his eyes. She frowned. "Hmm?"

While Di Fuyi was still trying to find his words, Gu Xijiu continued with a faint smile. "I know that you did not keep me out on purpose. You planned the plot gradually as things progressed unlike what Mo Zhao said, which implied that you had everything planned out in advance. I was still a fool back then. If you told me about your plan, there was no guarantee that I would not tell Mo Zhao about it. I understand completely, so there is no need for explanation."

Di Fuyi could finally heave a sigh of relief. His face beamed with delight. "You are a smart girl! How did you know that I plotted everything gradually?"

Gu Xijiu smiled. "It is not hard to guess. If your men were already in there from the beginning, we would not have to waste so much time. You would not have to remain chained for nine days."

Gu Xijiu wrapped her arms around herself and started to analyze everything from the beginning. "I suppose that there was only Teacher Long who sneaked in first, right?"

She made the correct assumption on her first try. Di Fuyi seemed to be intrigued. "Continue."

"Mo Zhao is a man with a suspicious mind. If he could see through your disguise as a female lute accompanist, he could safely assume that your men had already disguised as his followers as well. Once he was back to the underground palace, he would certainly interrogate every one of them. You must have instructed them to stop disguising before you got caught and told them to watch for the proper moment for action."

Di Fuyi nodded in approval. "Not bad! I indeed told them the same thing. Then?"

"Perhaps your men would obey, but not Teacher Long. He made it in, regardless. The palace guards were bounded within the hall for a few days for strict interrogation. As for Teacher Long, he must have contacted you after he came out."

Di Fuyi sighed. "He contacted me on the fourth day. He went into the cell and saw me in my difficult position. He teased me so that I could recognize him."