The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191: Leaving (3)

Long Siye slowly opened his eyes. "It is rare to see you so helpless. I would be a fool if I did not seize the moment to make fun of you."

Gu Xijiu was speechless at the way they interacted with one another.

Gu Xijiu took a look at both of them and continued, "There were surveillance cameras everywhere in the underground palace. You would give yourself away even with the slightest change of expression. How did both of you communicate and plot the whole thing?"

"In my dreams!" Long Siye answered briefly. He looked bothered as he continued, "He entered my dreams on the same night! He even taught me how to fool Mo Zhao into taking the San Yang Pills."

Gu Xijiu was unaware that Mo Zhao was impotent, so she did not quite understand why he chose to abandon Long Fan, the mad scientist, and favor Doctor Li instead. She decided to bring up the question.

Long Siye hesitated a little before he continued, "Xijiu, do you remember when we escaped the last time? I had placed some medicine into the ice coffin where Mo Zhao's cloned body was lying? It was a shame that it did not destroy the body immediately, but at least it caused him to be impotent after he attached his soul to it. I figured that Long Fan did not wish to sell us out, so he did not explain the entire situation to Mo Zhao. He only tried to work on the solution to reverse its effects, one after another. Unfortunately, the solutions had all failed. Moreover, Celestial Master Zuo weighed in and played them off against each other, making Mo Zhao think that Long Fan had caused him to be impotent on purpose."

A sudden realization hit Gu Xijiu. "No wonder!" Mo Zhao was a very doubtful man. Once triggered, there was no way he would not have any doubts about Long Fan.

As for Long Fan, he was an arrogant man and refused to explain himself in every situation. He would only grow more and more disappointed in Mo Zhao for his accusations.

Long Siye sighed. "Mo Zhao doubted whether Long Fan was entirely loyal. He did not wish to be tracked by him all the time, so he withdrew all the surveillance footages from Long Fan, making him feel even more bitterly disappointed. Hence, Long Fan refused to take any further part in the matter and let him suffer."

"Once you gained Mo Zhao's trust, you brought people out in the name of an expedition. When you came back, all your men had switched, right?"

Long Siye nodded with a bitter smile. "Right. We were ceased by Celestial Master Zuo's men when we got out. I did not need to look for them anymore, they were all there."

Li Mengxia, who had been sailing the ship all this while, coughed in response to Long Siye's remarks. She gently rubbed the tip of her nose. "Overlord Long, I am truly sorry. We were too impatient with all the waiting. When we finally saw someone coming out alive we immediately rushed forward and surrounded them."

If Long Siye did not manage to identify himself in time, he would have beaten him up severely.

Deducing the following story was easy. Long Siye was excellent in disguising himself. All the men who he had brought must be dead now. Long Siye went out several times for expeditions. He chose people of different shapes and abilities to go along with him and brought back dozens of Di Fuyi's men instead.

As Mo Zhao had wholly trusted Doctor Li, he would not have any doubts about the men that he had with him. Thus, they could quickly get through.

Gu Xijiu finally had a grasp of the entire situation and managed to work out the rest of it.

Mo Zhao's constant doubt toward Long Fan made him shut Long Fan out of everything, causing him to be discontented. Long Fan then decided not to be involved. Moreover, Long Siye, who disguised himself as Doctor Li, had gained Mo Zhao's complete trust and was able to move freely in his house. Therefore, he could easily fiddle with the footages to keep Mo Zhao in the dark.

Furthermore, those palace guards were already having a grievance against Mo Zhao, so