The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194: Getting Addicted To Acting As Sister Lin?

Gu Xijiu sympathized with her. "How many pieces of silver does your master normally deduct?"

Li Mengxia put on a face of despair as though she had just lost both of her parents. "Every time it would be a deduction of half a year's worth. That amounts to a total of 50,000 pieces of silver!"

The amount deducted is genuinely quite high. No wonder Overlord Li seemed to act like the heavens were collapsing.

Gu Xijiu pondered for a while, then decided to give her an empty promise. "I wouldn't blame you, but him instead I could not bear it if he does deduct your silver because of this. Alright, how about you wait for me to return and acquire 50,000 pieces of silver for you."

Gu Xijiu had an abundance of silver notes; 50,000 pieces of silver were merely a trifle!

Li Mengxia's eyes brightened up. She was immediately enchanted and almost seemed like she was about to pound her chest and swear an oath. "Thank you, Miss Gu! From here on out I'll follow your lead in the shadows!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless, and so was Di Fuyi.

Alas, the boat finally emerged from the magma and reached the shore.

Di Fuyi stretched his hand toward Gu Xijiu. "Xijiu, help me up. Let us go." What happened to this guy? Had he grown addicted to acting as "Sister Lin"?

Gu Xijiu shot him a look without paying him any further heed and jumped straight up to the shore.

Long Siye shot him a look as well. "Di Fuyi, have you grown addicted to acting weak and delicate? Xijiu doesn't like the type of guys who are at the "bottom". Be careful that she does not end up beating you up!" He flew up to the shore as well.

It was Li Mengxia who had the air of a subordinate and spoke sympathetically, "Master, shall this humble subordinate summon Mu Feng later to support you by the arm?"

Di Fuyi raised his eyebrow and looked at her. "I thought that you would assist me yourself to make a great show of your loyalty."

Li Mengxia immediately replied, "This humble subordinate would not dare to do so. This humble subordinate dare not break the rules." Her master had some eccentric mannerisms and did not usually allow women to serve by his side.

Di Fuyi let out a laugh. "Seems like you're compliant with the rules then. Initially, when I saw that you acknowledged the rules, your pieces of silver would not have been deducted. But just now you were enchanted by Gu Xijiu; I realized that I wouldn't have to worry about your pieces of silver ever again."

His words had massive implications; Li Mengxia immediately panicked. "Master, do you mean that you wouldn't give this humble subordinate any pieces of silver again?"

Di Fuyi answered indolently, "Go ask it from your new master!" His body flew up and floated onto the shore, leaving Li Mengxia standing on the boat drearily with the warm air.

The clear breeze blew gently with the white clouds drifting in the sky. Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi sat in the same carriage. The carriage was an extremely sturdy gold-rimmed wooden carriage that was bestowed upon by Li Mengxia in filial respect.

The steed pulling the carriage was the unicorn that Di Fuyi used for himself, which flew as fast as lightning and moved about like the wind. There were envoys outside the carriage, with two in front and another two at the back.

As the carriage was huge, the four people did not feel any sense of crampedness when they stood outside the wagon; Mu Yun even laid prone in the front side of the carriage and rolled blissfully with a genuine feeling of comfort.

As for Long Siye, he went straight back to the Tianwen Mountain after emerging from the volcano. Before he left, Di Fuyi had even forgotten their past feuds and gave him a chart of tactical formations that had the stratagems to break each of the structures surrounding the Tianwen Mountain written with great detail, giving him secret path after secret path to break in. This gesture showed Long Siye the determination that Di Fuyi had to turn over a new leaf. He could not let Di Fuyi treat his Tianwen Mountain as his own backyard and saunter around anymore.

Before they parted, Long Siye paused for a while and spoke to Gu Xijiu heartfeltly, "Xijiu, although your clone body is perfect, it is nevertheless artificial and not the essence of your parents. If you could change back to your original body, please do so!"