The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196: Heavier Than What She Had Imagined!

They had time on the boat afterward, but he revealed his real abilities that were superhuman and fear-inducing at that time as well, so she did not think to diagnose his pulse.

It was not until this moment where both of them had frequent physical contact that she finally detected that his body temperature was abnormal!

Once she had a suspicion, it would not go over her head. Di Fuyi had no intention of concealing anything from her. Therefore he allowed her to conduct a diagnosis on him.

His pulse was indeed strange; it was apparently a symptom of excessive blood loss. Yet, it did not seem to be entirely due to that as well.

She unfolded the blanket in the carriage. "Lie down here."

Di Fuyi looked at the blanket and then looked at her again. "You want to roll in the sheets with me?" He had occasionally heard Gu Xijiu say this phrase before, so he knew its meaning and put it into creative use.

Gu Xijiu's lips pursed tightly. "I have no mood to joke around with you. Lie down first!"

Di Fuyi lay down and opened his arms to her. "Do you want to lie down next to me?"

His embrace was incomparably alluring; it was what she had always desperately desired. Every time she saw him open his arms toward her, she had the lousy impulse to pounce on him.

This time, Gu Xijiu did pounce on him, not to his side, but on his chest instead of with her ear listening to his beating heart.

Di Fuyi looked at her endearing head on his chest and could hardly restrain himself from speaking. "Xijiu, I have to discuss something with you"

Gu Xijiu pressed a finger to his lips. "Shush, don't talk first!"

Seeing how anxious she was over him, Di Fuyi felt tenderness in his body, as though there was a current of warmth streaming through his heart. At this agitation, his heartbeat hastened.

"Hey, don't you get agitated over this. Calm down and take a deep breath" He had to be in a serene state for her to listen to the blood streaming inside his body.

With the flesh and fragrance of his beloved woman who was worried about him lying on his chest, Di Fuyi found it difficult not to be agitated.

Luckily, his usual forte was the ability to control energy, so after adjusting his pupils for a short while, he was able to calm himself down in a few minutes.

He knew everything about the condition of his body and could have just told her. However, he desired her concern toward him, even though that meant facing her temper.

Gu Xijiu had almost pinched every spot on his limbs and also opened his robe to check the wounds on his body.

The wounds that were created by the depletion of spiritual power were different from common injuries; if it were regular wounds, his wound would have already scabbed with new skin already growing judging by his healing capabilities.

This wound was no ordinary wound. Although Di Fuyi had already applied the best medicine, the injury was still baring its fangs ferociously with only a thin layer of scab forming on it.

Of course, when he was extricating himself from the subterranean palace, he concealed the wound on his arm with a spell to not perturb the situation and make her worry, so it seemed that there were only two fading streaks of scars on his arm.

Di Fuyi had always been strong. In fact, he was stronger than strong! Hence, in Gu Xijiu's mind, it mattered little even if he was wounded as he would recover in a matter of minutes. However, Di Fuyi had cozened her this round by the spell concealing his wound.

It was only until now when she checked his body and saw the bloody wounds that she knew that his wounds were very heavy! Heavier than what she had imagined!

Maybe his unusual tenderness was not feigned but real; maybe those Spiritual Chains were not artificial as well...