The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201: Breathe, Silly Girl!

Though they had not been apart from each other for very long, they had just escaped from 'h*ll' not too long ago. The nine days that Di Fuyi had spent in the underground palace felt as though it was nine years. However, the pain he felt on his physical body was nothing serious compared to him listening to Gu Xijiu calling Mo Zhao as her dearest partner.

Di Fuyi's kiss was firm and felt like it was like a burning flame! She could not resist his dominance. The hot kiss felt as though it was able to reach her heart via their tongues and her face was flushed, just like the orangey sky before the nightfall. She could hear a buzzing sound in her head which followed with chaos in her brain.

A fireball was growing in her heart. It was as though a burning seed was traveling in her bloodstream and it was continuously evolving into a big tree. Every one of its branches and leaves was occupied with love and passion to the extent that she could not help but grab the man under her body.

He wanted her so badly. In fact, she was very eager to cuddle with him as well. She wanted to be in his gentle arms and longed for intimacy between the two of them.

Gu Xijiu used to think that she was a calm and rational person and that she would never do anything impulsive in a relationship. However, she never imagined that Di Fuyi could drive her crazy. She was so happy whenever he was around him that the sky looked blue even though it was raining and the grass looked green even though there was a drought.

She wanted to be with him every single moment of her life; she wanted to lean in his arms. Even a kiss was enough to make her blood boil...

Gu Xijiu was not a hesitant girl, and unknowingly, she had become very proactive as they progressed and eventually welcomed his kisses with an open heart.

No one knew how long ago they started lying down together as they kissed and cuddled. Di Fuyi was no longer contented with the contact of their tongues and began to kiss her brows, her eyelashes, her nose tip, her chin as he proceeded down her body.

Her top was slowly unbuttoned, and it slid off her fair shoulder. Her skin was immediately caressed by his hot tongue right after it sensed the chill of the air.

Gu Xijiu was utterly stoned at that moment. She used to be strong and stubborn, but now it was as though she was a puddle of water that intended to engulf him. She was not the daughter of a royal family. Her heart was rapidly pumping as she understood what Di Fuyi was trying to do.

She could even sense the movement between his thighs as well as their rapid deep breaths... While they were enjoying the hot kisses, he managed to grab her wrist when she was trying to push him and slowly led her hand down until it finally reached his pubic region...

"Boom!" Gu Xijiu was mind blown as she felt her face began to burn.

She had no strength to push him away now, and her fingers were trembling. She had intended to pull her hand back. However, his hand was like a sturdy clip holding onto her hand, so that her fingers could stay longer to feel his warmth.

"Baby..." He whispered beside her ear. The heat blown out from his mouth was burning her ear. "We'll be husband and wife very soon, and we need to show each other everything we have"

Gu Xijiu held her breath until her face turned red.

"Breathe, silly girl." Di Fuyi could not help but softly chuckle as he bit her lips. He was happy to see her naive reaction.

Finally, Gu Xijiu opened her eyes. Her big round eyes were looking at him. Her face was still red but her gaze was strange.

Di Fuyi kissed her eyelashes and asked, "Why are you looking at me this way?"

Gu Xijiu slowly replied, "I just didn't expect you" She paused as she was too shy to continue.