The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205: He Could Not Let Her Go

The secret tunnel was about 400 to 500 meters long. However, he only took about three to four minutes to reach the end even though he was injured.He let out a sigh of relief as he saw that the exit just in front of him and continued running.

"Shuaaa!" A huge net fell from above and sealed the exit.

He would have been trapped in the net if he had not managed to retreat in time!

He had no idea what the net was made from as there were numerous sharp nails which were green in color. It must be poisonous!

He laughedcoldly ashe calmly retrieved a pair of gloves made from a solid material. He immediately tried to tear the net. Gosh! It was not working!

Though he was severely injured, he was still strong enough to tear the skin of a rhino! However, he was not able to shred the net. Though the nails looked normal, his gloves almost ripped apart, and there was even a small cut on his finger.

Suddenly, his face turned green. He had been poisoned!

Fortunately, he had brought along several antidotes and quickly popped a few into his mouth.

He was lucky enough to have taken the correct antidote as the green color on his face slowly faded, and his numb limbs seemed to have become better. He let out a sigh and laughed.

He was an expert in utilizing poisons, and no one could beat him! Regardless of how potent the poison was, he had the antidote to cure it!

After taking the antidotes, he checked on the net. He had seen many types of mechanisms before. Hence, he finally found the weak point of the net after examining it. He became excited and was ready to break it. However, he suddenly heard an explosion followed by a strong quake under his feet!

He was shocked! He knew what the explosion meant as he was the one who had designed the underground palace! Mo Zhao was such a bastard as he had decided to destroy the entire underground palace! He wanted everyone to die together!

Long Fan did not want to die. Hence, he used more force to break the net. The secret tunnel was quite far from the explosion. Therfore, he would be safe for about three minutes.

He would have escaped in the Fire Ship by now if he had not been blocked by this net. Long Fan was in a state of panic and could not focus on breaking the net. By the time he had managed to break the net, lava was already gushing into the tunnel...

He almost suffocated from the heat wave. Thus, he left the net behind and quickly ran away. Unfortunately, he was stunned when he arrived at the edge of the lava pool as the Fire Ship was gone!

The lava from the pool was already gushing towards his feet due to the explosion.

A puddle of lava was also flowing towards him from the other end of the tunnel!

He closed his eyes as he knew that he had no way of escaping anymore. Perhaps, he would not be able to keep his current physical body anymore.

Since he had no way of escaping, he suddenly became calm and tried to detect Gu Xijiu's location. She was in a Fire Ship and was probably outside of the volcano already.

He clenched his fist as he smiled. The little girl was as cunning as a little fox. He felt that he did not want to let her off anymore.

He knew that both of them would meet again someday and he could always find her regardless of where she went as he had installed a navigation device in her body and even linked the cells on her clone body with his clone body.