The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210: Soul Transfer Crisis

"Are you suggesting that we can sense each other just like how twins do?!"

Long Siye nodded. "It's more powerful than the bond between twins. It was intentionally designed this way so that he would have a way to communicate with you and perhaps even find you or sense your mood"

Gu Xijiu felt disgusted. "What?! That's unbelievable! How could he even do that?"

Long Siye took a deep breath and continued, "Trust me, it is possible based on his intelligence! Telepathy enhancement is his expertise. So far, no one can beat him when it comes to scientific discoveries. I've studied the genetic order between the both of you, and there are so many similarities even though both of you are from different family backgrounds That's not a coincidence!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless and disgusted!

She gazed down for a moment and curiously asked when she raised her head. "Isn't telepathy supposed to be two ways? I tried detecting him, but I could not sense anything"

Long Siye wondered. "Really? Based on my study, you should be able to sense him unless he programmed the mechanism to function in a single path."

That was even more unbelievable!

Gu Xijiu shook her head as she could not believe it. Long Siye slightly frowned as he seemed to wonder what was the primary intention behind all this.

Gu Xijiu took a deep breath and said, "Regardless of what his main intention is, I think that it's too risky to keep this body. I wish to swap back into the other body. Can you help me do it?"

Long Siye nodded. "Sure!" He was an expert in this area.

"Does it consume a lot of spiritual power?"

Long Siye shook his head. "It requires medical skills, not spiritual power."

Gu Xijiu was relieved. She had thought earlier that the reason why Di Fuyi refused to allow her to swap bodies was that it would consume a lot of spiritual power and so it was not the best time for him to do it. However, why would he disagree if it did not consume a lot of spiritual power? Was it because something was wrong? Was it because her original body was sick?

She decided to bring Long Siye straight to the ice palace to show him her original body in the crystal coffin.

It must have been the power of the majestic beings guarding her original body as somehow it was not frozen. Even though the ice palace was freezing, Gu Xijiu's skin was still soft.

Long Siye brought many types of equipment along and began to examine the body. The result from the checkup was good enough for Gu Xijiu to feel relieved as Long Siye confirmed that the injuries on the body were recovering and its other functions were well maintained. She could move around freely once she had repossessed the body.

She immediately urged Long Siye to help her swap bodies. Di Fuyi would be done with his practice shortly, and Gu Xijiu wanted to see him with her original body.

Long Siye was okay with it, and so he agreed to her request. He flicked his sleeve, and a bed immediately appeared in front of them. Gu Xijiu lied down comfortably on the bed.

He took out a syringe and said as he walked towards her. "Don't be afraid, it's just an injection. You'll be in your original body when you awake later."

He rolled up Gu Xijiu's sleeve and exposed her fair arm but just as he was about to poke the needle into her skin, a white ray suddenly flashed before them.

The white ray appeared so suddenly and quickly, and it hit the syringe and broke it. The icy cold solution spilled onto Gu Xijiu's arm.