The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218: My Fianc

"As I said, the leader of the mermaids is my best friend who is also very attractive and talented in dancing and singing"

"So? It is good that I can marvel at attractive people from a close distance. I believe that their leader must be outstanding judging from the way you have explained."

Di Fuyi was speechless. He suddenly felt a sense of crisis!

As proven, his sense of crisis was accurate.

When Gu Xijiu met the leader of the mermaids, she could not keep her eyes off!


The leader of the mermaids was indeed beautiful. It was the kind of appeal in which gender did not matter.

The mermaid's blue robe was several meters long, and the individual had long blue hair that was like a cloak fluttering in the air. The individual's eyebrows formed a crescent moon with eyes that were bright like stars just below it, and lips that were light pink.

When Gu Xijiu saw the leader, the individual was sitting in a small car giving instructions to other mermaids to decorate the magnificent hall while waving a feather fan in hand. When the leader saw Di Fuyi, the leader was excited and stood up from the car and walked towards them. "What made you come and visit me?" A bold and magnetic voice emerged as if it was the sound coming from a cello.

Gu Xijiu was stunned!

She just realized that the handsome king of the mermaids was a man! Before this, she thought that she was looking at a woman.

She had met a lot of good-looking ladylike men. However, she had never seen someone like the king of the mermaids. His appearance was similar to that of a graceful young lady who could attract thousands of men. Gu Xijiu even thought that he was quite beautiful among the ladies. However, when she compared herself to the king of the mermaids, she felt a little bit humbled.

What was even more unusual was the fact that when the king of the mermaids did not speak, he looked like an angel from a fairytale. However, when he spoke, Gu Xijiu was confident that he was indeed a man.

The palace of the mermaids was somewhat similar to Di Fuyi's palace. It was dry, but there was water rippling above them.

Since there was no water inside the palace, the mermaids here did not have fishtails like what people usually saw in fairytale books. They had legs too. However, their legs were much softer than that of an average human's legs. When they walked, they moved their bodies like a snake, so everyone looked very alluring.

Although the king of mermaids also looked very alluring too, he was a gentleman. After he greeted Di Fuyi, he stared at Gu Xijiu and asked politely, "This beautiful lady looks like an angel. Since she showed up together with Brother Huang, may I know who she is?"

"My fianc." Di Fuyi answered with only two words.

The king of mermaids opened his mouth slightly in shock. "Fianc? You have a fianc?!" He sounded like a wife who had just caught her husband cheating on her.

If Gu Xijiu did not know Di Fuyi well, she would have thought that the king of the mermaids was his spouse!

Di Fuyi glanced at the king of the mermaids coldly. "Is it strange?"

"Oh my god!" The king of mermaids stopped talking politely. "Oh my god! The thousand-year-old sago palm tree can finally bloom! This thousand-year-old bachelor finally has a fianc!"

He looked at Gu Xijiu for a long while. "Miss, may I know what your name is? How did you make him fall for you? Can you tell me?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Di Fuyi pulled her to his side and waved his sleeve to make the king of mermaids step back. "Lan Yaoguang, is this how you welcome us? You had received so many things from me when you married your seven wives."


The large lake created big ripples. It continuously stroked the bank and made loud crashing sounds. Somewhere not too far away from the lake, there was a big tree with purple peach blossoms on it. When the wind blew, the flower petals fell from the tree and flew onto the bank. The flower petals were scattered on the sand, and it created a magnificent view.

There were only the two of them at the moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Gu Xijiu stepped on the moonlight white sand with her bare feet. She was stunned by the beautiful scenery. This place was like a scene from a fairytale.