The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219: What Trouble Have You Created?

The king of mermaids sighed. "I was too surprised! It is rare seeing you with a fianc. Of course, I need to give you something good. Let's do this. Since it is the flower festival today, when you go to the festival market, you can get three items and record them under my account"

Di Fuyi frowned. "I have given you seven gifts in the past, and now you only give me three?"

The king of the mermaids did not oppose Di Fuyi but still tried to defend himself. "You only gave me one gift for each wife I married. If you want to get more gifts, then you have to marry a few more wives"

Di Fuyi stared at him. "Can you repeat your sentence?"

The king of mermaids shuddered and finally agreed. "Alright. Since you rarely get married, you can buy five items under my account."

Di Fuyi laughed. "This is what I was waiting for!" Then, he pulled Gu Xijiu's sleeve. "Let's go. I'll bring you shopping."

Gu Xijiu finally understood the purpose why Di Fuyi brought her here. It was to get presents!

Although the king of mermaids had a ladylike face, he was not gay. In fact, he married seven wives. Besides this, every time he got married, he would show off his wives in front of Di Fuyi and ask for a present. Apparently, Di Fuyi had given many gifts to him.

Finally, Di Fuyi had a fianc now, so he had to come and ask for presents too.

Gu Xijiu never expected that Di Fuyi had such a friend. Moreover, Lan Yaoguang seemed to know his real name so they must have known each other for a long time.

"Brother Huang, it is rare for you to come and visit me. I have something to discuss with you." Lan Yaoguang appeared in front of them and blocked their way out.

Gu Xijiu was surprised. It seemed like Lan Yaoguang had a great ability too. Though she had perfect eyesight, she still did not notice how Lan Yaoguang appeared in front of them.

Di Fuyi frowned. "What trouble have you created?"

Lan Yaoguang looked tensed. "No, I have not created any trouble for thousands of years. However, I have some problems that need your attention. Can you follow me to my study room so that I can tell you in detail?"

He sounded really serious. It seemed like there was indeed something important to be discussed. However, he only invited Di Fuyi.

Fortunately, the king of the mermaids was very well organized. He ordered one of his most favored concubines to accompany Gu Xijiu to visit the garden.

Di Fuyi mused for a while and then agreed with him. After he said a few words to Gu Xijiu, he followed Lan Yaoguang to the study room.

The garden of the mermaid palace was different from those on the continent. They had corals as trees and sea turtle shells as their roads. Long silk ribbons were swaying on the ground along with many different flowers that Gu Xijiu had never seen before.

The mermaids liked things to be complicated. Everything they built was very exquisite. Even the plants and the trees had different shapes. Gu Xijiu enjoyed seeing all these unique sceneries.

The concubine who served Gu Xijiu was also a great beauty. When she accompanied Gu Xijiu by her side, she tried to explain about everything in the garden. Occasionally she tried to ask about Gu Xijiu's background, but Gu Xijiu avoided her and did not answer.

From the conversation with this concubine, Gu Xijiu got to know that Di Fuyi had been friends with Lan Yaoguang for at least 6,000 years!

Lan Yaoguang was a very romantic man. He always said that ladies were made of water so they had to be treated as gentle as possible.

The way he treated ladies was to marry them whenever he met anyone who he really liked. Once he fell in love with a lady, he would pamper the lady like a precious gem. He would give anything to the lady as long as she asked for it. However, every lady that he married he would only love him for less than 1,000 years. Once he no longer felt interested, he would find a new target.