The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223: You You Cant Kill Me

Lan Jingyi grunted. "If it were not because of my brother-in-law, I would have peeled off her skin! It makes me sick to look at her frivolous face."

Gu Xijiu leisurely smiled and casually picked up a red velvet flower. She blew at it gently and spoke, "You can't do anything even if you are unhappy."

Lan Jingyi was speechless.

Her frustration grew, and she replied, "Do you think that you look anything like my sister? Let me tell you. You can't even compare to her little toe!"

Gu Xijiu sighed and turned away. "Well, I met someone who is not even comparable to my fingernail during my visit to this garden. I have lost my interest. Let's go back now."

Lan Jingyi finally threw her temper and shouted, "How dare you!?"

She waved her sleeve and launched numerous water jets at Gu XIjiu! The concubine was shocked and shouted, "Don't do it!"

The concubine knew about the abilities of this princess well. The power of these water jets was able to cut a person with a spiritual power of level eight into pieces!

However, the concubine was unable to stop her in time, and the water jets closed in on Gu Xijiu. The concubine was scared and quickly closed her eyes!

"Crash! Booooom!" After hearing a loud noise, a hill-sized coral tree immediately dissipated into dust.

The concubine was stunned. She thought that the attack had cut Gu Xijiu into pieces.

Miss Gu was the first human that had been brought here by Mr. Huang. He even called her his fianc. She must bevery significant to him, but now she had died under her watch when she brought her to visit the garden. The concubine was worried that the king of the mermaids would blame the incident on her and Mr. Huang would be angry with her too. Gosh! She would most certainly lose the affection of the king of mermaids after this incident.

She stood still and did not dare to open her eyes. She was afraid that once she did, she would witness a bloody scene.

However, she suddenly heardscreaming, "You!"

Gu Xijiu sneered. "You are such a cruel princess. Is this how the mermaid family hosts their guests?"

The concubine immediately opened her eyes. She found that Gu Xijiu did not lose a strand of hair, and also had a knife in her hand placed on Lan Jingyi's neck. Blood trickled down from the princess' neck onto the blade, and Lan Jingyi looked pale. She had not expected this either.

After Lan Jingyi had launched the water jets, she had regretted her decision because the concubine told her that this lady was the fiance of Mr. Huang. It seemed like he loved her very much. Mr. Huang might get angry and punish her if she killed his fianc. However, she could not withdraw it.

She never expected that Gu Xijiu would suddenly disappear just as the water jets were about to hit her. Before Lan Jingyi even had time to react, a cold-edged knife was placed on her neck, and the sharp blade had cut the skin of her throat. It was painful, and of course, she was terrified.

This girl only had a spiritual power of level six and a half, so how did she respond so fast? Subconsciously she wanted to struggle, but the knife in Gu Xijiu's hand moved slightly, and it cut her throat even deeper, "If you move again, your head will roll down from your neck."

Lan Jingyi looked very pale, and she did not dare move anymore. She said, "You... You can't kill me!"

By that time, the concubine had also regained her consciousness. However, she was even more shocked this time compared to before. "Oh my goodness. Miss Gu, you have injured her! Take your knife away! Come on, please find the doctor! Bring the doctor here!"