The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224: Why Cant You Behave Yourself?

"Oh my god, Miss Gu, you have injured her! Remove your blade! Can someone please request for the doctor!? The doctor, please!" Her voice trembled in desperation.

Gu Xijiu had a feeling that she was too dramatic. Gu Xijiu was confident about the strength that she put onto her neck. She only cut through Lan Jingyi's skin and did not hurt her veins.

The princess had threatened to kill her whenever they disagreed with each other. If it was not for her outstanding teleportation skill and experience in combat, she would have been killed and sliced into pieces.

Gu Xijiu wanted to teach the princess a lesson to make it clear that she could not mess with her.

Gu Xijiu completely ignored the concubine's outcry. Scornfully, she turned to look at Lan Jingyi and spoke, "You can lay your murderous hand on me, so why can't I? Do you really think that you are nobler than me?"

She saw that there were some fine gills forming on Lan Jingyi's neck. She laughed grimly and asked, "Are these gills supposed to be your shield? It is a shame that their formation is too late." The tip of Gu Xijiu's blade turned swiftly. Lan Jingyi let out a loud cry when Gu Xijiu stripped off a few pieces of gills from her neck.

The wife could barely pull herself together, "Stop Stop! You are going to kill her!"

Gu Xijiu smirked. "I can see that you have some really great gills, look at the richness in the shade of blue. I could use these gills to make a necklace." She was about to turn her knife around.



Two voices could be heard in an exclamation of urgency. Almost immediately, two streaks of light could be seen striking towards her.

One in blue and another one was in seven colors.

The seven-colored light hit Gu Xijiu's weapon.

The blue light aimed at her wrist instead.

Luckily, Gu Xijiu reacted quick enough to avoid the blue light. The seven-colored light, however, managed to hit the knife in her hand, shattering it into pieces.

Gu Xijiu's hand trembled in pain due to the strike. She took a breath and looked up. That was when she saw Di Fuyi and Lan Yaoguang emerging out of thin air.

Lan Jingyi finally managed to escape from Gu Xijiu. She then swayed slightly on her feet and fell into Lan Yaoguang's arms. "Brother" Her eyes were filled with tears. The tears turned into pearls even before they rolled down her face. "I I am going to die"

Lan Yaoguang trembled at the sight of her wound in gory details, "No No, Brother Tu is here with us. His knowledge of medicine is exceptional. He will save you." He looked up abruptly at Di Fuyi, "Brother Tu, please save her life."

Di Fuyi responded briefly, "To the ice room."

Lan Yaoguang nodded. He then carried Lan Jingyi in his arms and disappeared as they transformed into water.

Di Fuyi finally turned to look at Gu Xijiu. "Gu Xijiu, why can't you behave yourself?" He then dodged and disappeared.

Apparently, he was really worried about Lan Jingyi. He left urgently to treat Lan Jingyi's wound.

Gu Xijiu could not find the words to properly explained then entire situation.

She stood her ground as she turned to look at the shattered weapon. Rong Jialuo gave the knife to her as a gift. According to him, the knife was a rare treasure that had the ability to think and feel. Furthermore, the power of its strike depended largely on the strength of the holder. He gave it to her as a gift for her to use for self-defense. He was trying to return the favor as she had helped him before when he needed it.

She would never have thought that the weapon would be destroyed and scattered. To make things worse, Di Fuyi destroyed the knife. She found the fact a little hard to accept. The unpleasant experience had somehow become an unspoken difficulty between them.

At this moment, the chaos had attracted all the other mermaid to gather. They clearly saw the injury that Gu Xijiu had caused to Lan Jingyi and could not help but feel hostile towards her. The friendliness in their eyes had completely disappeared.