The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227: It Wont Happen To Me

Gu Xijiu's voice was powerful enough to compete with the best singer on stage. Hence, she quickly proceeded to the backstage to sign up. She wanted to go for a challenge.

For their regular singing contests, anyone was usually allowed to participate. However, as the singing contest was part of the celebration of the carnival, the size of the event was nothing like their usual contests. All the competing mermaids were some of the most well-known singers of their kind. Ordinary mermaids would not even bother to join the competition.

Many celebrities were among the competing singers, and any one of them could easily drive the crowd crazy with their singing.

Therefore, when Gu Xijiu proceeded to sign up for the contest, the receptionist who was in-charge was quite surprised to see her. They had never heard her name before.

Moreover, Gu Xijiu was merely a human. It was rare to find anyhumans in the carnival, let alone in the contest. However, the receptionist did not stop her from joining, even though he was astonished. He gave her some words of advice. "Young lady, if you do well, you will get rewarded with money. Otherwise, you will get turtle eggs tossed at you."

The level of the humiliation of getting tossed with turtle egg was more or less the same as rotten eggs.

Gu Xijiu gave him a smile and answers briefly. "It won't happen to me!"

The receptionist shook his hand and signed her up.

He did not put high hopes on Gu Xijiu as he felt that the human girl was overrating her ability. She would soon know how it felt to have turtle eggs all over her body.

A kind of stinky turtle produced the turtle eggs that they had. The turtle could lay a bunch of eggs even without getting fertilized. These eggs would not create any hatchlings, nor were they edible. Once broken, the smell of the egg was unparalleled! They were as smelly as sin. Moreover, it would not get off easily even with washing.

While she had to queue for her turn, she stood with the audience and watched the contest for a little while after signing up. She saw one of the competitors singing a bit off-key while he was singing, as he was probably too anxious. As a result, he did not receive any pearls and got turtle eggs tossed at him.

Pale in the face, the singer left the stage with a body full of egg yolks. Hisses could be heard from all around the arena.

Gu Xijiu could smell the stinky smell from afar. Its smell was even worse than a corpse.

Fortunately, there was only one competitor who got the eggs. The one who was singing on stage right now was a very handsome man. Different from mermen's typical blue hair, his hair was long and in dark blackish green, like a long floating seaweed. It was immediately clear that he was a celebrity. The audience cheered even before he started singing. He also received some pearls from some young girls. The pearls were milky-white, so the floor on the stage looked as though it was covered in snow.

From the surrounding chatters, Gu Xijiu noticed that the young man was the most famous singer among the mermen. People had the highest expectation for him in winning the contest, as he was the people's idol.

Other than the king, he was probably the second most popular mermen. Certainly still a dream man for every mermaid. He did not show up easily on normal days, so they could only find him at the annual carnival when the prize was something that he desired. As long as he was in the contest, other contestants would stand no chance at all in winning.

Gu Xijiu took a look at the surrounding crowd. Obviously, the crowd had grown bigger in size ever since the man went on stage. The audience was filled with a sea of mermen, as though she was attending a modern concert of a superstar.

Lan Fei was his name. The crowd went into silence when he started singing.