The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241: She Was Finally All Grown Up!

Gu Xijiu's appearance used to be about 50 to 60 percent similar to Luo Xinglan's and 20 to 30 percent similar to Gu Xietian's. However, only her eyes looked slightly alike to Luo Xinglan's now, and she did not look like Gu Xietian at all.

Gu Xietian was thinking about discussing some minor issues regarding the wedding with Gu Xijiu. However, he became absent-minded as he looked at his daughter.

She was finally all grown up!

Soon enough, he regained his thoughts and composure as Gu Xijiu gently coughed. He sighed. "Xijiu, you've finally achieved something significant. I'm sure your mother would"

Gu Xijiu smiled but remained silent. She was wondering how Gu Xietian would have reacted if he knew that Luo Xinglan was still alive and had even married someone else.

If she had not been in an accident, Luo Xinglan would have attended her wedding. Gu Xietian would undoubtedly be shocked if that had happened.

Gu Xietian seemed to have realized his mistakes in the past two years as he had sent off most of his mistresses and only kept two of them who had delivered daughters for him. However, he just needed them to raise his daughters and never stayed over at their place.

Every night, he would sleep in the courtyard where he used to stay with Luo Xinglan in those days. He said that he would spend the rest of his life with Luo Xinglan and kept her company whenever he was around her. In conclusion, he made himself look pitiful, and even Gu Xijiu could not help but sigh when she returned.

Some people only learn to be grateful after they had lost something important. However, it was not always easy to correct mistakes once they happen.

It was the eve ofwhen Gu Xijiu returned home. Gu Xietian had asked the whole family to sit together for a meal, including his two mistresses and three daughters. Though it was supposed to be a happy reunion, it felt so empty and depressing.

Gu Xietian drank a lot that night, but he did not go to any of his mistresses houses and returned to the small courtyard instead. Gu Xijiu coincidentally passed by the patio and heard him moaning as he held a sword in his hand. He cried out loud, "Lan, Little Nuo." He looked as though he was crying in a corner. Gu Xijiu only talked to him once he had regained his composure. She indirectly suggested to him to ask the two mistresses to try again. Perhaps, they might get a son.

In that era, men were highly respected. However, the same respect was not given to ladies. Others always judged families without a son to be the heir.

When Emperor Xuan was still alive, he suggested that Gu Xietian marry another mistress. His Majesty had even given him a few dancers and singers as his mistresses with the hope that they would be able to bear a son for the Gu family. However, Gu Xietian rejected the offer.

Similarly, Gu Xietian shook his head as he heard Gu Xijiu's suggestion. "I feel so sorry to your mother as well as your brother It's karma, and I do not deserve to have a son. I have surrendered and prayed for the best for the three of you. I hopethat you guys would grow up safely and marry someone good and live a comfortable life forever."

He has made up his mind, and so Gu Xijiu decided to stop persuading him. Gu Xietian left right after they had ended the discussion. He now had plain white hair which made him looked even more lonely.

Gu Xietian's spiritual power was at five and a half, and he was supposedly able to extend his life to more than 150 years old. He was currently only 48 years old, and it was supposed to be the peak time of his life. Unfortunately, he looked very old now.

Time waits for no one, and it teaches people a vital lesson when they grow older. Gu Xijiu's brother, Gu Tiannuo had run into the Dark Forest as he was too mad at his father...