The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243: Whats Bothering You?

Lan Jingyi was not afraid of him and replied, "She just made a mess at our place, so why can't I be mad at her? She's not compatible with brother-in-law, she"

Before she could finish talking, a white ray suddenly appeared followed by a sharp scream from Lan Jingyi.

Gu Xijiu was hiding behind a tree, and she saw Lan Jingyi flying up to the sky upon beingengulfed by the bright glow and disappeared into thin air.

"Brother Huang!" The king of the mermaids screamed.

"My palace doesn't welcome people who try to be rude to my wife. I can tolerate her once, but that's it." Di Fuyi's voice was colder than usual. "From today onwards, she is no longer welcome to Fucang Hall."

The king of mermaids remained stunned. "Brother Huang"

"Alright, thank you for delivering the Beauty Pearl. You may leave now." Di Fuyi did not plan on being courteous to him.

Lan Yaoguang helplessly sighed. "Brother Huang, though the Beauty Pearl is amazing and it can preserve her body, its power can never be compared to the mermaid's palace. The mermaid's coffin is the best place to nourish the body. It would be helpful if we bring the body to the sea palace. Perhaps, the body could even upgrade to level nine just by lying there"

"This is not the right time to do it." Di Fuyi casually replied.

Lan Yaoguang paused and continued, "You're right, we haven't managed to collect all of my sister's soul yet. We shall talk about it later."

He then sighed again. "Brother Huang, you should just let go of the earlier incident. My sister loves you, and she did everything for you willingly. Besides that, you've tried your best to keep her soul for us as a memory even though a mermaid's soul would immediately disappear once they die. Even though we have no idea where to find the rest of her soulWe have to do our best."

Di Fuyi was very impatient. "Are you done? Just leave!"

"Brother Huang, what's bothering you today? You seem to be very upset and impatient Alright, I'll leave." A beam of blue light shone into the sky, and he disappeared instantly.

A moment later, Di Fuyi walked out from the ice palace. He seemed to be bothered by something as he idled for a while outside the ice palace. Later, he went to the backyard of the ice palace to call the mussel and Lu Wu. He reminded them to watch the crystal coffin and immediately left after explaining a few important things to them.

The ice palace returned to its peaceful state.

After a while, Gu Xijiu once again appeared outside the ice palace. Being an ice palace, it was not surprising that it was colder than most places. However, it was even cooler now during the winter season.

Gu Xijiu was shivering as she stood there and she could not even feel her limbs. She was shocked after listening to the conversation between the three of them earlier. Her brain went blank as she had no idea how to respond to the situation which had unfolded before her. She was unsure as to whether she should confront them or to remain silent and continue observing.

Her brain felt like it had malfunctioned and she could not focus her attention. Fortunately, she was smart and flexible so she managed to teleport away just as the king of the mermaids was ready to leave. She hid in the bushes to calm herself and also tried her best to suppress her emotions so that she could figure out her next step.