The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1244

Chapter 1244: She Was Probably A Stepping Stone For Others

Gu Xijiu had known for a very long time that Di Fuyi did not want to help her swap bodies. Initially, she thought that it would consume a lot of his spiritual power, but that did not seem to be the case now.

It was not a good idea to think further as a scary truth might unveil! For example, Di Fuyi had been engaged with Gu Xijiu who was still an infant before she had even traveled here from the modern world. Of course, there were some terms and conditions attached, but the fact was that they were engaged! However, based on Di Fuyi's personality, he did not seem to be the kind of person who would return a favor with his destiny.

Perhaps, the body was similar to the aura of the former king of the mermaids. Therefore, he insisted on getting engaged to Gu Xijiu. Besides that, Di Fuyi had irritated her after they had just met each other. He had tried all kinds of methods he had to put her into the Dark Forest. Yet, he camouflaged himself as Si Chen to help her. Gosh! He wanted to protect the body, not her!

Though she was not a heaven's gift disciple, he was willing to abuse his authority to send her to Tianju Hall for intensive training and had helped her to adapt to her study life. He forced her to practice and even figured out many ways to speed up her progress. When she had upgraded, he was even happier than Gu Xijiu!

Both of them got engaged in the crystal palace with the love bracelet as their evidence. However, it was still attached to the other body, and no one could remove it.

Therefore, whoever resurrects inside that body would officially own the love bracelet. Based on Di Fuyi's behavior, he was planning to revive the mermaid empress inside that body. Wouldn't the love bracelet belong to the mermaid empress then?

Furthermore, he wanted to marry her... Based on the conversation earlier, Di Fuyi and the mermaid empress had been engaged in the past. Otherwise, Lan Jingyi would not address him as 'brother-in-law'.He did not even deny it.

Both of them were engaged before Her Majesty had passed away, and so they would still be considered as engaged when Her Majesty is resurrected.

Gu Xijiu felt a painin her chest as she looked at her hand. She finally realized that he just wanted her to practice until her body had evolved to level eight, and then he would not need her to continue practicing anymore. Hence, he found many excuses to reject her request for swapping bodies and had even thrown out Long Siye who was the only one that could help her to return to her original body.

Was it the truth?

If it was the truth, she was probably a stepping stone for others. It would be unfortunate as she had put in so much effort to practice! It was all just a game then! However, her life was not a game! She had worked her *ss off to train her body, so how could she give it to someone else?!

Yes, no doubt, she had another body, and it was so much stronger and better than the original one. It matched her soul perfectly. He had prepared so many things for their wedding and was about to marry her.

But, why now? Why did they have to reveal everything at this moment? She could not take it; she could not accept the truth!

What if Long Fan did not create this clone body? Would he use certain magic to extract her soul when her body had upgraded to the expected level? It was challenging to possess a body. Hence, she could no longer possess anyone else's body once she loses her original body. Of course, he might sympathize with her and arrange for her to have a rebirth.

Countless waves of depression hit,and her blood was boiling inside her chest. She had to force herself to calm down in the bushes.