The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250: Beautiful Night, Beautiful People

Gu Xijiu sang the song out loud. It was a Cantonese song.

Di Fuyi listened for a while but could not understand the lyrics. He felt that though the melody was quite good, the song had a melancholic feel to it.

She used to sing many different songs that were unfamiliar to him, so he was not too bothered about it at this moment and asked, "What song are you singing? I can't catch your pronunciation."

Gu Xijiu giggled. "It is an old song in my world. I have forgotten most of the lyrics and only remember a few sentences from the song. "Beautiful night, beautiful people, beautiful things make me want to sing" She then paused and said, "I wish we can stay together like this forever and never separate from each other."

Di Fuyi was stunned for a while, and then he chuckled. "I thought you valued your freedom the most? You used to tell me that you only care about the present and do not care if it will last forever"

Gu Xijiu leaned towards him. Her eyes were shiny under the moonlight, "I do care, Celestial Master Zuo. I want to be with you forever and never stay apart."

She put her hands around his neck and said with a nasal voice, "I am a bit greedy when it comes to love. Once I have fallen in love with someone, I want it to be eternal"

She could feel his body stiffen, but then he patted her back. "You are like a child. Alright, are your feet still sore? Are they feeling any better?"

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes. It seemed that he would not want to be with her forever. Once the former empress of the mermaids comes back to life, he would go back to her.

She guessed that she was too greedy to think that way after all. She was heartbroken and her eyes reddened.

Di Fuyi pulled her up and looked at her slightly red eyes. "Why are you crying?"

Gu Xijiu felt even more hurt, but she snorted like a little girl who was throwing a temper. "It is because you do not know how to please me! You can even tell a lie to make me feel good."

Di Fuyi never expected that she would be so childish. Though she was a bit unreasonable, he felt happy when he saw her acting this way. After all, she was still a girl. Regardless of how strong she was, she would want to be pampered in front of her lover and wanted him to coax her.

He took her hand and stood up. He tried to make her happy. "It seems like your legs are still sore. Shall I carry you?"

"Okay!" Gu Xijiu agreed immediately, and she climbed up his back.

It was probably the first time that Di Fuyi was carrying a girl on his back. He straightened his back and walked down the hill quickly. Gu Xijiu almost fell from his back and quickly clutched onto his neck with her hands. She grunted beside his ear, "Hey, you should bend your body slightly and walk slowly."

This little girl was demanding indeed. Di Fuyi felt helpless but amused at the same time. It would be a big issue if anyone saw him carrying a girl down from a hill. However, he still fulfilled her demand. He bent his body and started to walk slowly down the hill.

Gu Xijiu did not speak much along the journey. She placed her small face on his back as if she was smelling the scent of his body.

Di Fuyi knew that she loved the smell of his body. Whenever she was in his arms, she always smelled him like a dog. This was a little hobby of Gu Xijiu, but he did not want to correct her.

She began to sing the song even though he could not understand the lyrics.

"Some dreams are so hard to be explained clearly

No one would like to have their sadness being pointed out

Goodbye kisses to say goodbye to the past

Say goodbye to the love and the hatred

Under the moonlight

Under the sunlight

At this moment I want to be myself

Beautiful night, beautiful people

Beautiful things make me want to sing."


Gu Xijiu left, and brought the three beasts along with her.