The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251: When Did She Leave?

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Gu Xijiu made Di Fuyi work a lot tonight. After Di Fuyi had carried her down from the hill, she asked him to carry her up again. She claimed that she liked the feeling of listening to his heartbeat while being on his back. Fortunately, Di Fuyi was not an ordinary person. It was an easy task for him to carry her as she was as light as a piece of paper to him.

Their way of spending time together was pretty cool too. Perhaps Di Fuyi felt guilty to her, so he did not reject when Gu Xijiu had made such a strange request. While he carried her back and forth, he enjoyed listening to Gu Xijiu's singing.

When they were back at the ice house, Gu Xijiu let Di Fuyi know of her intention to bring her three beasts back with her. Di Fuyi considered the fact that the ice house did not need the guarding of the three creatures anymore, so he agreed to her proposal. He seemed to be interested in walking with her, so he asked her, "Let's go. Let me walk you back."

Gu Xijiu laughed. "I