The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256: Old Friend? Brother?

The big mussel finally woke up. It looked down and was shocked! It quickly closed its mouth. Though Lu Wu was small in size, it possessed incredible strength. It was worried that the big mussel would swallow its master and so it rolled Gu Xijiu out with its tail and placed her on a big rock. Gu Xijiu was unaware that she had just escaped from great danger. She was still sleeping soundly on the rock.

It was quite cold in the dark forest, so when she lied on the big rock, she curled up her body to keep herself warm. The Wind Caller was worried that she would catch a cold, so it walked over and leaned beside her. It used its hoof to pull her into its arm so that it could keep her warm. Lu Wu also slid into Gu Xijiu's arm and used its nine furry tails to cover Gu Xijiu's body.

When it was midnight, it suddenly rained. The big mussel then opened its shell and asked the Wind Caller and the rest of them to go inside its shell. It then closed its shell and left only a slit which was one foot wide to provide some air inside the shell. Three of the beasts were quite tired after a long night. Meanwhile, the big mussel was getting sober.

After all, three of them had been spending time with each other for more than two years now so they could understand each other very well. They then assigned tasks to each other whereby the big mussel was responsible for keeping watch from outside. Meanwhile, the Wind Caller and Lu Wu would stay beside Gu Xijiu.

There was a mixture of heavy rain, strong wind, and lightning! In the past, the big mussel customarily resided underground but after it had followed Gu Xijiu, it started staying inside a human house. When it went out hunting, it always looked for a cave when it was tired. The big mussel liked hiding inside caves especially when it was raining and refused to come out.

Now, it was forced to expose itself outside under the storm. It quivered when thunder struck above its head. In the end, it decided to use the ground drilling technique and drilled a hole underground.

After it followed Gu Xijiu, Di Fuyi had taught it a unique ground drilling technique that enabled it to move underground quickly. This technique was quite useful to the big mussel. However, the big mussel had a fatal flaw whereby its sense of direction was poor!

In the past, it did not usually move around much while it was underground. Instead, it waited for its target quietly at the same spot. When it went out hunting together with the Wind Caller and Lu Wu, it always followed Lu Wu as Lu Wu had a very good sense of direction.

However, both the Wind Caller and Lu Wu were already asleep. After the big mussel had gone underground, it felt that there were too many rocks around and felt uncomfortable with the situation. Therefore, it tried searching for land with softer soil.

After it had moved around for a while underground, it felt that the soil was starting to get softer and so it stopped. The big mussel was stunned when it opened its shell and saw the three of them.

There was not enough air inside the shell and the three living things needed to breathe while they were inside the shell. The oxygen level kept decreasing while the carbon dioxide level inside the shell increased.

Gu Xijiu was still drunk and had not woken up yet, but her face was very red, and her chest was moving up and down. She had some difficulty breathing right now. The Wind Caller was big, and so it needed even more oxygen. At this moment, it had already fainted.

Meanwhile, Lu Wu jumped up, but it was like a drunken man walking around inside the shell. It barked at the big mussel asking it to return to the surface quickly. 

They were currently still underground and were surrounded by soil everywhere.