The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257: Old Friend? Brother? (2)

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The mussel was confused and panicked. Hence, it merely drilled in a specific direction, but it still could not find the way out! It was crying when it opened its shell. There was a vast and complicated network of roots underground, and the object stopping its way looked like a massive wall of old roots.

What should it do now? Where exactly should it go!? It took a glimpse of Lu Wu and realized that its nine tails were gradually turning red. Lu Wu screamed while the mussel was looking at the roots but it could not understand its language.

Lu Wu panicked and immediately crashed into one of the roots. Its claws scratched the roots and fresh air slowly diffused out from the roots.

The mussel was delighted and quickly rushed forward. It used its shell to scratch the roots so that fresh air could diffuse into its shell. Later on, it promptly drilled upwards with Lu Wu's guidance.


Gu Xijiu realized that she was surrounded by a group of people when she woke