The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257: Old Friend? Brother? (2)

The mussel was confused and panicked. Hence, it merely drilled in a specific direction, but it still could not find the way out! It was crying when it opened its shell. There was a vast and complicated network of roots underground, and the object stopping its way looked like a massive wall of old roots.

What should it do now? Where exactly should it go!? It took a glimpse of Lu Wu and realized that its nine tails were gradually turning red. Lu Wu screamed while the mussel was looking at the roots but it could not understand its language.

Lu Wu panicked and immediately crashed into one of the roots. Its claws scratched the roots and fresh air slowly diffused out from the roots.

The mussel was delighted and quickly rushed forward. It used its shell to scratch the roots so that fresh air could diffuse into its shell. Later on, it promptly drilled upwards with Lu Wu's guidance.


Gu Xijiu realized that she was surrounded by a group of people when she woke up!

Tens of people who were of different sizes and ages looked at her with curiosity and surprise as though they were admiring a western oil painting.

She was lying inside the shell of the mussel while the Wind Caller and Lu Wu were cautiously guarding the outside of the shell. They were staring at the people with two pairs of wild eyes so that no one dared to draw any closer to their master.

The surrounding area looked like a small village, and the houses were built from a type of shiny leaf. The leaves were scattered all around as though the place belonged to an ancient tribe.

However, the people around did not seem to be primitives who covered their bodies with big leaves or animal skin. Instead, they clothed themselves with a special silver robe. The fabric seemed to be made from a certain kind of rough but shiny fiber.

Gu Xijiu was confused as she last recalled having a feast at the sixth peak of the dark forest and fell asleep after throwing up. How on earth did she wake up on land which belonged to an ancient tribe? Where was this place?

"She's awake!"

"Is she a mussel spirit?"

"She's such a beauty…"

Everyone began judging her. Gu Xijiu tried sitting up while holding her head. Excellent, she could understand their language, which meant that it would be easy to communicate with them.

"Hi guys, where's this place?" She asked in a hoarse voice. Perhaps, she had drunk too much last night.

"Why don't you tell us your identity before asking any questions!? How did you show up from underneath the ground?"

"Yes, who the h*ll you are? Don't you dare try to mess with us!"

"She's such a beauty. Don't you guys find her alluring?"


Those people did not seem to be very friendly as many of them were holding weapons in their hands as though they were about to attack her anytime soon.

Gu Xijiu frowned and shifted her gaze to the mussel. The mussel panicked and quickly explained everything that had happened after she had fallen asleep last night. Of course, it left out the fact that it had almost eaten her due to starvation.

Gu Xijiu was annoyed as she could not believe that the mussel would make such a mess after she had gotten drunk. Fortunately, she was able to clear her mind right after she had woken up. She got up and jumped out from the shell. "I'm a human and not a goblin. My majestic beings had accidentally wandered into your territory while we were trying to avoid the rain. Where is this place anyway?"

She looked up at the sky but could not see anything as many big trees were blocking her view. It was the first time that Gu Xijiu had seen such a big tree.

There was a huge tree at the center of the tribe, that a hundred people could not encircle it even if they held each other hands. The huge tree was probably more than 300 meters tall, and they could hardly see the tip of the tree as it covered almost the entire village.