The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 126

Chapter 126: People Enjoy Watching a Useless Person Starting Over with a High Chance!

Tian Jiyue also nodded his head indifferently, "Agreed!"

Gu Xixi could not reject this time. Furthermore, she would not think that she could be poorer than Gu Xijiu, this little girl!

A competition had officially started.

The first competition was about the knowledge of medicine and the questions were given on an ad hoc basis by the medicinal scholars. In the beginning, the questions were general questions and they took turns to answer. Both of them were neck and neck as they could answer fluently.

Therefore, the medicinal scholars started to look for more difficult questions to ask and both of them had to race to be the first to answer the question.

After about ten minutes, the beautiful face of Gu Xixi was turning pale, as she could not fight against that little girl!

Gu Xixi was not good at memorizing, especially since she had been going out of the clan for the last two years to gain some hands-on experiences. How then, could she remember those information that she had memorized? She had forgotten most of the answers to those harder questions and thus, was rather slow in her answers.

On the other side of the field, that little ugly girl was answering those questions so quickly, clearly and accurately.

That scholar was asking with a medical book in his hand and thus, he could verify their answers on the spot. Gu Xixi had answered only surfacely, with many missing points, while the answers of Gu Xijiu were perfectly recited, word for word!

The result of the competition could be seen quite clearly. After about an hour, Gu Xijiu defeated Gu Xixi completely. Therefore, Tian Jiyue declared that Gu Xijiu had won this round!

The crowd was getting excited again!

Numerous people shifted their focus on Gu Xijiu. Even the twelfth prince, Rong Yan, was looking at Gu Xijiu with a complicated gaze, which seemed to glimmer.

Gu Xietian was so excited that his face was blushing red!

It was very good! His daughter had honored him!

She was like a pearl covered with dust for a long time and was finally glowing brightly with radiance!

On the other hand, Gu Xixi was furious. She smirked, "Alright, she won this round. Healing and saving the patients are not about memorizing medical books, but requires a true ability to practice medicine, by healing a real patient"

"Then, lets heal someone in the second round." Gu Xijiu chimed in.

Gu Xixi was shocked, "Where are we going to have patients for us to heal in this competition?"

The emperor looked towards the imperial physician immediately and the latter instantly came forward, "This is easy. Currently, I have a pair of twins who are among my list of patients. Their illness is quite strange and their symptoms are the same too. Shall both of you attend to them?"

Gu Xixi, ""

Saint Gu did not attend to patients easily, and it was indeed a golden opportunity for her to see one. Therefore, when the two patients received the news, they came quickly, accompanied by their family! They did not dare to delay even a second!

The Firmament Stone was not confident, "Master, I can only remind you about medical knowledge but I cant help you in healing the patient. You have to rely on yourself for this."

After all, seeing patients require comprehensive knowledge and accurate diagnosis, which cant be done by mere memorizing.

"Don't worry." Gu Xijiu answered with just two words.

"Medical skills competition held between Saint Gu against the famous useless and ugly girl at Wanxing Lou." This piece of news had spread out and within an hour, a majority of the general public had gathered themselves downstairs wanted to watch the excitement. Some people even started gambling downstairs to bet who would emerge victorious at the end of the day

While waiting for patients, Gu Xijiu walked towards the handrail and looked down. She saw that there were many people, about thousands of them, gathering around Wanxing Lou. Many of them were looking upstairs and when they saw the small little body of Gu Xijiu, the noises and uproars turned up a notch.