The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264: As A Proof Of Our Friendship...

Later on, its master had gotten her body swapped. Though the annoying love bracelet no longer followed her, it could not communicate with its master anymore, and that made it even more depressed. However, the young man was pushing the bracelet to Gu Xijiu now as though it was something very rare and valuable. Gu Xijiu made a gesture to show that she was not keen to accept, but the young man insisted and pushed it into her hand.

The Firmament Stone was visibly annoyed, and it suddenly shone brightly. A seven-colored ray flashed directly on the jade bracelet! As a result, the unlucky family-inherited bracelet tragically shattered into several pieces.

The young man was stunned! Gu Xijiu was shocked as well. Both of them ran out of words, and the young man almost cried out of grief. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu felt slightly guilty. She genuinely thought that she should compensate him as she had broken his treasure. Hence, she took out a glass bangle from her storage bag and gave it to the young man.

She had bought the glass bangle in the mermaid's market. It was not worth much in the sea market, but it turned out to be a valuable accessory when it was brought up to shore. Perhaps, it was more valuable than the jade bracelet.

Initially, the young man did not want to take it. However, in the end, he turned back and happily accepted. "I shouldn't have been rude just now. I'm more than happy to accept this as a proof of our friendship" Gu Xijiu was stunned and speechless. She wondered whether she could request for the bracelet back.

It costs five Trinacda stones for that kind of bracelet and Gu Xijiu had 40 to 50 of them in her storage bag. Initially, she thought that she was going to give it to some of her friends. However, even after distributing them to her friends, she still had about 50 left in her storage bag, and so she decided to give it to the people in the village.

The young man immediately hid the bracelet as soon as he got it from Gu Xijiu. He felt it was a treasure. In the end, he could not help but take it out to show off in front of everyone. Unfortunately, everyone took out something identical to his bracelet! Unsurprisingly, the young man now felt depressed!

Though Gu Xijiu was not an easy-going person, she was a nice person to interact with as long as no one offended her. Three days have passed since she first arrived, and she had already adapted to become part of them.

Gu Xijiu suspected that the handsome young man was her brother, Gu Tiannuo. Therefore, she occasionally paid more attention towards things related to him. According to the villagers, she discovered that the handsome young man was named Luo Zhanyu and everyone addressed him as Master Zhanyu.

He first arrived here 15 years ago when he was just about ten years old. Unfortunately, he could not remember his name and did not know how he had gotten here. He did not like talking and also did not bother to answer most of the questions addressed to him. Of course, the adults were obliged to take care of the children. Everyone was pleased to teach him Kung Fu since he was such a talented kid.

'Mo' in Chinese carried the meaning of quiet. Hence, everyone called him Mo as he did not like talking. After some time had passed, he seemed to have been inspired and told everyone that his name was Luo Zhanyu. Everyone was so happy as they thought that he had finally recalled his past. Unfortunately, he only told them his name but still could not answer most of their questions. However, he was talented in martial arts and had even mastered medical knowledge through self-study. He was also skilled in military strategies.

Everyone sincerely thought that he was an authentic heaven's gift disciple, but he never mentioned it. Eventually, his martial arts became better, and he even took the lead to defeat the wild beasts with the villagers. Everyone began respecting him as their leader.


Amnesia, 15 years ago, around ten years old.

Gu Xijiu was silently pondering, and the more she pondered, the more she felt that he was Gu Tiannuo. Gu Tiannuo was about 11 years old when he ran into the Dark Forest. He also went missing nearly 15 years ago. His features looked identical to her previous appearance.