The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266: She Does Not Need Their Protection

They would not be able to climb up to the tree to fight with the baboons if they were not in a group of at least ten people. Therefore, harvesting seemed to be all about strength and energy. In the beginning, no woman was allowed to join the harvesting team as it was hazardous. However, Gu Xijiu had wanted to join the team ever since she showed up.

Of course, everyone disagreed with her decision as none of them wanted her to be torn apart by the baboons or fall from a tree and become a smashed burger. Gu Xijiu did not feel the need to explain herself and decided to prove her capabilities through her actions.

She raised her head and looked at the fruits on the trees. After estimating the distance between her and the tree, she teleported onto the tree and then teleported back to the ground after she had chopped one fruit off with her bare hands.

She was able to pluck all the fruits on the tree in less than 30 seconds. Not only were the people on the ground unable to respond in time, but even the baboons on the trees were also stunned! She was very fast and accurate, and so everyone had no reason to stop her. Therefore, everyone agreed with her decision to join the harvesting team.

In the beginning, the harvesting team had a total of 16 members, and all of them were men. However, since Gu Xijiu joined their team, everyone wanted to protect her. Hence, their safety formations always revolved around her as the center. Needless to say, Gu Xijiu did not need their protection.

She was an expert in battle formations, and so she assigned tasks to the 16 of them. Some were required to pluck the fruits once they got up onto the tree; some were responsible for chasing away the baboons; some plucked the leaves.

Before Gu Xijiu was part of the harvesting team, the team were inefficient in assigning tasks to each other. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu was very good with strategic planning, and so she assigned tasks based on their martial arts abilities. She ensured that her plan was perfect as she felt that they should know when to support each other during a battle. Some were asked to attack the baboons from afar while some attacked them from a short distance to make a perfect team. Coupled with her teleportation ability, she was like a female assassin who knew magic as she always appeared during desperate times when the other team members needed her. She caught them when they fell and counterattacked the baboons when they attacked her team members.

Her spiritual power was now above level eight, and her Kung Fu was taught and trained by Di Fuyi. Hence, she was as fast as lightning, and every one of her attacks was powerful enough to kill the baboons. Gu Xijiu had spent an entire day being up on the tree, and so far the baboons had only sent their average baboons to attack her since she looked like she was weakest among the team members.

After one of the baboons was killed, they sent another two young baboons to attack her. Once again, Gu Xijiu easily killed both of the baboons, and the rest of the baboons became terrified of her and began striking her in a group.

However, she suddenly disappeared and attacked them from behind! After killing three or four of the baboons, the army of baboons was mad and prepared to strike again. However, she had disappeared once more, and when she reappeared again, she had killed several more!

The baboons on the tree a are deemed as monkey spirits, and they were proud that no other animals on the tree could compete with them. However, they had finally met their match as Gu Xijiu was someone who could teleport around. She was the goddess of the assassins, and the saber in her hand terrified them as she was even more unpredictable than them.

After failing several times, the baboons were scared and worried whenever they saw Gu Xijiu and always tried avoiding her or running away whenever they saw her. Therefore, the harvesting team was more efficient now and usually returned home with plenty of resources.

Before she had joined the team, the villagers only managed to pluck 30 to 40 fruits and ten pieces of leaves a day. Sometimes, they were unable to collect even one fruit when the baboons attacked them. However, they had managed to collect more than 100 fruits and leaves this time around.

Previously, they had to stay on the tree for the entire day, and it took them about 14 to 16 hours every time.