The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268: All Of Them Were As Cunning As An Old Fox, So Why Were They Still Pretending?!

She thought about the fact that the mussel had broken into the village by entering from underground, so maybe, she could try exiting from there as well. Therefore, she asked the mussel to try again. Unfortunately, the mussel failed to perform the ground drilling technique as it would not work inside the barrier!

The mussel did not give up and quickly dug the ground again. Unfortunately, boiling water gushed out from the ground after it had dug about ten meters into the ground. It was lucky enough to escape in time. Otherwise, it would have been cooked! Therefore, their experiment had failed once more.

She was trapped. Perhaps, it would take one or two years to escape. Maybe, a decade or even forever. No one liked being stuck in the same place forever even though it was such a beautiful place with fantastic scenery. Everyone who was trapped there would also experience a phase of annoyance and frustration.

Gu Xijiu talked to them and realized that all of them were thrown into this village just as they were about to die. All of them was surprised that they were rescued, followed by frustration a few days later when they realized that they could not get out of the village. Finally, they ended up becoming hopeless and numb and finally decided to settle down in the town permanently.

Everyone one shook their head when Gu Xijiu tried figuring out a way to escape as most of them had experienced it before and knew that she would give up one day. In fact, Gu Xijiu had no expectations that she would be able to break out anytime soon. After all, everyone who was here had tried escaping before. However, she was not the kind of person to give up easily. She would figure out some other ways of escaping.

Sometimes, she would ponder in the middle of the night. Though she was temporarily stuck here for the time being, perhaps, she would be able to escape a decade later. By that time, she might have forgotten about him, and she could finally be at peace with herself.

Perhaps, she would not feel sad anymore even if she bumped into him and the empress of the mermaids. Maybe, she could even give them her blessing sincerely. After pondering for several hours, she managed to fall asleep just before sunrise.

Everyone here worked based on a routine. They woke up when the sun rose and gathered at a specific point before carrying out their respective roles.

The harvesting team still could not see Gu Xijiu despite waiting patiently. The captain decided to let her go on leave for a day as she was a still a newcomer and a little girl. Anyhow, she had contributed a lot yesterday. Therefore, everyone departed without her.

The captain was a good man; he was a decisive and easy-going person. He was not afraid of anyone as long as he was doing the right thing. Therefore, he did not take it personally even though he fought with his wife last night.

Furthermore, all the members of the harvesting team supported his decision. After all, they had managed to collect double the usual quantity of fruits yesterday because of Gu Xijiu's kind assistance. They genuinely thought that Gu Xijiu should have a good rest. Of course, the rumor sounded even more authentic now because of his decision.

Gu Xijiu accidentally overheard about the rumor again when she walked out of her house after cleaning. People there have underestimated her. She was an expert in handling rumors since a long time ago, so why would she care? She just smiled and walked away.

It was the worst time to explain when a rumor was being widely spread, especially one which was related to a third party relationship. You would be accused of taking it personally if you tried explaining; furthermore, if you get mad and explain, you would be deemed guilty.

The more you tried explaining, the worse it gets. Of course, if you decided not to explain yourself, then others would say that you have silently admitted it. Therefore, you would always be wrong regardless of whether you explain or not. Consequently, she decided to smile as she knew the culprit behind the rumor.

All of them were as cunning as an old fox, so why were they still pretending?! She planned to restrain herself and waited for the right opportunity to make the perfect comeback. However, Luo Zhanyu had paid her visit before any opportunity showed up.