The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272: To Do Her Justice (4)

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There were only a few ladies here, so the unmarried ones were especially valuable. Therefore, Huang Shangxiang was quite popular here. Although they despised her for what she had done, they still felt that the punishment was a little too severe. They appealed to her mercy. However, Luo Zhangyu was unshakable in his decision.

Gu Xijiu frowned, as she noticed that a lot of them were starting to disagree with him. If Huang Shangxiang were sent into the mountains, she would be good as dead. Those lads who were closer to her would probably rebel. Sometimes, a lady can serve as the best motivation. Many group games worked that way; the more ladies were in the group, the more lads would join.

She took a look at Huang Shangxiang and saw that she was terrified. She did not stop begging for forgiveness, not only to Luo Zhanyu but also to the people around her. Finally, she came forward and hugged Gu Xijiu's leg to beg for her forgiveness while crying bitterly. She begged for Gu X