The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274: Too Many Men For The Limited Ladies

They turned their full attention to Gu Xijiu's alchemy skills and offered to help with the herbs. As their hunting experience allowed them to explore the mountains, they knew where she could find the required ingredients.

Gu Xijiu listed the herbs she required to make the pills. Luo Zhanyu examined the list. He then instructed his followers to collect the herbs. One of the requirements was not a herb, but the bone of an animal. The animal was a beast of that had a spiritual power of level seven and lived deep in the mountains.

"I will collect this myself. Miss Gu, would you like to join?" Luo Zhanyu offered.

Gu Xijiu answered without hesitation, "Of course!"

The crowd stood gazing at one another, once again, not knowing how to react. It was the first time for Luo Zhanyu to invite a lady to go along with him. Had he fallen for her?

Undoubtedly, the lady was smart, beautiful and very capable in many different things. How could any man resist her charm? Gu Xijiu managed to capture the hearts of some of the men who were present. They were already thinking of ways to try and get her heart. Their ideas could be compiled and written into a book of '36 plans on how to get a girl'.

However, if Luo Zhanyu was involved in the competition as wellWhat a strong competitor he would be! The majority of the people here were men. As they all lived in such tough living conditions, most of them were very strong and steady. Chasing after a girl was not a matter that they chose to cover up.

Immediately, some of the men offered themselves to join. "The Shielded Snake is a beast of level seven! It is not easy to fight against, so I shall join you!"

"Brother Luo, me too! Count me in!"

Chasing after a girl required effort. Moreover, chasing after such a beautiful girl would undoubtedly require even more sacrifice! These men would like to prove themselves in front of Gu Xijiu, so they offered to join.

However, Luo Zhanyu decided to halt their will and stop them from showing off their masculine side. "There is no need for that. Just the two of us will be able to manage. You do what you should be doing."

He behaved as though he was trying to get all of her attention and inhibited all the others from showing off their abilities. They thought that they deserved a chance to show the lady what they were capable of.

Therefore, one of them still refused to give in. He suggested that Luo Zhanyu's disability would make it more difficult for hunting in the mountains.

Instead of engaging in any further conversation, he decided to strike him on his legs and prevented him from walking for at least three to five days.

After that, Luo Zhanyu maintained his composure and proceeded to challenge the rest, "Anyone else who has an opinion?"

All the other men immediately dismissed themselves.

There were too many men for the limited ladies. These men were all hot blooded and full of hormones, but they could not find themselves a partner to spend their time with. Therefore, they decided to turn their indignation into strength and proceeded to hunt in the mountains.

"Brother, you should find a way to cope with the problem. There are too few ladies." While they were on their way to the mountains, she saw a bunch of men tackling a beast from its backside and sighed.

All these grown men had sexual desires, especially the younger men. They had nowhere to let it all out.It would be challenging for them to keep suppressing their desires.

In the modern days, Gu Xijiu had once come across some odd news where the men who worked in the mountains had sexual intercourse with a pig or even a cow. There were all sorts of strange news back in the days.

There were only eight ladies. Six of them were already married.