The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277: Tell Me If There Is Anyone Suitable

For at least a decade, Long Fan would not be able to play any tricks on her. However, no one knew where Long Fan was currently hiding.

At the thought of Long Fan, he also reminded her of someone who had fought the same fight along with her. His image quickly emerged in her head, and she could already feel her heartache.

It hurt her immensely so she quickly dismissed the thought of him.

Luo Zhanyu saw her face turned pale all of a sudden. "What is the matter? Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head. "It is nothing. By the way, brother, how did you manage to apply the rule of monogamy marriage in the village?"

It was rare for a man to have such a thought in that era. Had he traveled through time as well?

Luo Zhanyu was taken back by her question. "I despise the custom for a man to have more than one wife. The same for a woman to have several men at the same time. In a marriage, the couple should spend their lives together with their only soul mate."

The idea was intriguing. She agreed with him.

Gu Xijiu was fond of her brother. Luo Zhanyu continued, "Except for the first two couples that I have taken no part of, I have been involved in other marriages to remind them that marriage is for a lifetime and that they should take it seriously with proper consideration. Whoever who is unfaithful in their relationship will receive severe punishment."

Gu Xijiu coughed, as she had a feeling that Luo Zhanyu was a little too strict in the matter. However, it did sound like a fair and square way. At least it could make couples think twice before they decide to get married.

It was no wonder that Madam Leng was so worried after hearing the rumors and immediately requested for Luo Zhanyu to do her justice. It was all because of the existence of such a rule.

"Brother, why don't you find yourself a partner?" Luo Zhanyu's qualification should make him the ladies' first choice by default.

Luo Zhanyu paused and shook his head lightly. "There is no suitable one." He would rather stay alone than spending his time with someone who did not match him.

Amongst the eight ladies who were trapped, only two of them were single. One of them was Huang Shangxiang, and the other one was Meng Suyan.

Huang Shangxiang was someone who was smooth and slick in establishing social relations, and she was capable in dealing with all men. As for Meng Suyan, she was someone of few words. She would not usually talk and preferred to be alone all the time. However, her kung fu level was the highest among the eight of them.

No one would notice her if she were not a lady. Moreover, she did not like to get along with the men, even with Luo Zhanyu. She was the only one who was not interested in him.

Meng Suyan had a beautiful face,and she was good in everything that she did. During her first two days here, she managed to meet Meng Suyan up once. She was indeed different.

Gu Xijiu thought about her and continued jokingly, "One can only enter and not leave the place. We will probably spend our whole life here, so you should find a partner for yourself. I can see that Meng Suyan is indeed a great lady. You should not wait for her to make the first move, you have got to takethe initiative."

Luo Zhanyu was stunned. He disagreed with a tight smile, "Xijiu, you are overthinking it. Meng Suyan has found herself a lover. She came here when she was 15,and before that, she was already engaged to her fianc. She is the one who is the most desperate to leave this place to reunite with her love. After all these years, it has become more and more hopeless for everyone else, but not her. After she finishes her work every day, she will only focus on her kung fu practice and finding a way out."

Gu Xijiu was moved by her passion for whom she loved. She deserved her respect.

"By the way, Xijiu, we are most probably going to spend our whole life here. You should observe the men around you. Tell me if there is anyone for you, I will help you with that." Luo Zhanyu offered his help.