The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279: Thankfully, It Was Just A Dream!

It is normal for people to dream at night what they think about during the day. In these past few days, she had dreamed of him occasionally as well, dreaming about the past they have shared. The dreams were, however, quite turbulent; in her dreams, she had wanted to frolic with him, go on an adventure with him, and there were even dreams of physical intimacy.

Her dreams were like those of any other peopledisconnected, hard to grasp, and illogical. She had already forgotten a lot of them by the time she woke up. But her dream this time was unusual. It was strangely orderly as though it was rooted in reality.

In her dream for whatever reason, she got into a fight with him and won as well. She felt happy, prancing in circles around him in excitement, and he was laughing too, but there was an air of melancholy in his eyes. He held her in his embrace and kissed her, but then released her abruptly, saying that he had other matters to attend to and let her leave first.

She did leave him in her dream and reminded him to be careful as well. He smiled and parted ways with her with the wave of his hand. There were petals scattering and fluttering behind him when he left, forming a scene that was as picturesque as art.

She parted ways with him, but his gait began to stagger and fell to a flowering shrub. He paid no heed to the streaming blood on his body and was only fixated on the ring on his palm. He held it tight in his grip for half a day until his complexion grew paler and paler, more and more transparent, and finally scattered into vibrant rays of light.

"Di Fuyi!" She screamed!

Her voice was bitterly shrill and woke herself up from her sleep. Only when she brusquely opened her eyes did she realize that her face was full of tears and her chest was aching as though her sadness had seeped its way into her heart and lacerated it into a thousand pieces, causing her to writhe and convulse in excruciating agony.

She took in large breaths and scanned the area around her, endeavoring hard to calm herself down and restore her heartbeat to its regular rhythm.

It's a dream! It was a dream!

Thankfully, it was just a dream!

She shut her eyes slightly and wiped off the cold sweat on her forehead and laughed bitterly. How extraordinary it was for her to have this dream!

That person is a god, a demiurge who controls this world, whose life is without end; the fate of the world might be contingent upon his life. How could he ever scatter into nothing but light? Did she watch too many over-sentimental dramas and plays? Or else how could she have had such a tragic and accursed dream?

The image of him sitting in fixation at the ring on his palm flashed before her mind. That ring seemed to be the engagement ring that he gave her, the engagement ring that she gave back to him before she left.

Her heart raced. Could he have She shook her head. It couldn't have been! He should be fine, even if she died he wouldn't have died as well

Damn it! It must be because of the negative sentiment left behind by the Spiritual Chain that she dreamed of him covered in blood.

In the future when she has the opportunity to get out, she would try to retrieve that ring. It did not matter whether it was sold or even destroyed, the ring must never be in his possession.

She patted her face only to discover a wetness on her hands and her pillow sodden with tears. It was quite embarrassing for her to cry like this just because of a dream She jumped off her bed and groomed herself. When she looked at the mirror, she found out that her eyes were swollen with tears!

She rubbed her eyebrows. Just when she was about to apply cold water on her face, she heard a soft knocking noise at the door. She opened the door to find Luo Zhanyu sitting on a small carriage outside. He had come alone without anyone else.

Luo Zhanyu's line of sight fell straight on her eyes. "Did you have a nightmare? You were shrieking quite loudly just now"

Did she scream in her sleep?

She gave a vague response in reply