The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282: What Was He Doing?

It was easy if they were ever sick or injured as most of them were generally physically healthy and could recover on their own. Besides that, the villagers had Luo Zhanyu as their medical consultant, and so they usually recovered very quickly. However, to upgrade their spiritual power from level eight to level nine, they needed a seventh-grade pill also known as the Soul Guardian.

Though it sounded easy to upgrade from a spiritual power of level eight to level nine, it was a huge gap for the practitioners. Once they were able to achieve a spiritual power of level nine, they were very close to the fairy realm, and there would be a considerable change in their physique. Throughout the upgrading process, the human body might not be able to withstand the change. It was just like experiencing intensive training in the ancient stories, and they would become fairies after they had surpassed the obstacles. Alternatively, they would explode if they could not withstand the impact if they failed, and even their soul would be shattered into pieces; never to be whole again.

The Soul Guardian plays a vital role as it could protect the blood vessels in the body from expanding and also soothes the violent aura. It serves as a protective shield throughout the upgrade. Without the pill, 99 out of 100 people who had upgraded to level nine would explode into ashes. Therefore, the Soul Guardian was an essential item.

However, Luo Zhanyu was able to upgrade to level nine after they had discovered the golden sentence. He did not have the Guardian Soul but was lucky enough that Meng Suyan had one and Luo Zhanyu safely upgraded as she had contributed her pill to him.

Unfortunately, it was the only one they had. Therefore, the villagers here who had already achieved a spiritual power of level eight were worried about upgrading, and so they did not dare to practice too hard.

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu was a senior alchemist. She was already able to make sixth graded pills at such a young age and believed that she would be able to make seventh-grade pills soon if she put in enough effort to practice her alchemy skills! Once they had obtained the seventh-graded Soul Guardian, they could all upgrade safely. Soon enough, they would be able to break out of the barrier!

Gu Xijiu was their only hope! They were all very excited and insisted on celebrating! They took out their best wine and meat. The women gave it their best to make the dishes while the men helped to clean up.

The men were the happiest among the community as they were all elites and could easily find their wives once they had gotten out of here!

Almost everyone toasted with Gu Xijiu, and so she felt slightly overwhelmed as it was her against the 40 of them. Luckily, everyone respected Gu Xijiu very much, and she was probably more valuable than 1,000 pandas at this point. Therefore, no one would allow her to feel uncomfortable or hurt. Everyone said the same thing when they toasted with her, "I'll finish it, but you only need to take a sip." Therefore, Gu Xijiu only took a sip.

Gu Xijiu did not want to get drunk as she knew the aftermaths. She knew that it was scary, and she did not want to embarrass herself in front of all the men there!

In the beginning, she only took a sip, but she ended up drinking quite a lot. It was probably due to the heat from the campfire, the excitement around her, and the fact that many people were toasting to her. She drank one after another and eventually, Di Fuyi's image was swaying in front of her.

It would have been her big day today if she had not run away, and tonight should have been their wedding night. It used to be the day that both of them looked forward to, but now... What was he doing? Was the wedding canceled? In the end, they were just not meant to be.

"Xijiu, Xijiu" Someone was calling her, with a soft but magnetic voice.

Her body was stiff as she seemingly heard Di Fuyi's voice.