The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288: Because I Am More Powerful Than You

His clothing was neat, and his face was very calm, but it somehow made people feel a sense of decadence. Di Fuyi did not greet him but decided to get to the point instead. He said, "Have you found a new disciple?"

Long Siye did not answer him but asked instead, "What happened to the both of you?"

Di Fuyi's handsome face slightly sank as he said, "You used the excuse of wanting to discuss discipleship so that you could ask me such nonsense?"

His face sank, and a kind of strong aura filled the atmosphere. Long Siye was unafraid of him and smirked. "I do have a breakthrough regarding the topic of discipleship, but I am more concerned about Gu Xijiu. I have been trying to contact her over the past few days, but I have not been able to get in touch with her. Tell me frankly, what happened to her?"

Di Fuyi was calm and responded, "She ran away."

Long Siye did not believe him and was stunned for a moment. He said, "How is it possible?! She loved you so much and was so eager to marry you. Why would she want to run away? Did something happen between you and her?"

Suddenly, he thought and said, "Is it because of her original physical body? I can't understand. Why didn't you want to swap it for her? You should have known that the medicine I gave her that time could help her. She would be able to break the incantation that Long Fan had cast onto her body and it would allow her soul to leave the clone safe and sound. Xijiu has always been afraid of clones, not mentioning the fact that her original body was more advanced than the clone. She would not bother even if the clone is level nine while her original body is level six. She hates clones and thinks of it as an anti-human behavior... "

The emperor did not reply him as it was something that he need not explain to Long Siye.

Long Siye became furious as he still did not get an explanation from Di Fuyi even after he had spoken so much. He asked again, "Are you planning to give up on her since you have canceled the wedding today?"

Di Fuyi said, "It was only the ceremony that was canceled!" He did not intend to give up on the relationship. He had to wait until Gu Xijiu had been found before he could determine how to proceed with their relationship.

Long Siye responded, "I don't care what happened between you and her. If she chose to run away from you, it only proves that she doesn't want to marry you. If that is the case, my forfeit would be meaningless. I will fight for her again!"

Di Fuyi took a deep breath and said only one word, "Whatever."

Long Siye was speechless, but soon enough he continued, "Even though she had run away in the first place. I believe that you know where she is right now, right? I must see her. "

The emperor answered him indifferently, "If I knew where she was, would I have canceled the wedding?"

Long Siye was speechless again. His face turned pale. He knew how powerful Di Fuyi was. If Di Fuyi were unable to find someone, then he would have no chance at all to help...

"Is she in danger?! Could she have probably been caught by Mo Zhao or Long Fan?!" Long Siye thought to himself.

"She is still alive. She is neither caught by Mo Zhao nor Long Fan as they are currently unable to defend themselves."

Long Siye wondered, "How do you know?"

"Because I am more powerful than you." Di Fuyi blurted.

Long Siye had the idea that Di Fuyi was already aware of it. He used to monitor the stars and could tell her fate based on it. If the star that represented Gu Xijiu was still bright, it indicated that she was still alive and safe.