The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289: She Will Never Be Able To Enter!

How were they able to determine Gu Xijiu's fate the last time shewas caught? They observed the little star that represented her and realized that it was circled by two other stars, which indicated that they trapped her.

Moreover, the stars that represented Mo Zhao and Long Fan were dim this time proving that they were seriously injured. It could take up to one or two decades to recover. Hence, Di Fuyi was no longer concerned about them.

Long Siye was enraged by Di Fuyi's response. If Di Fuyi was confident that they had not caught her, he should relax too. He would feel at ease as long as she was still alive and safe.

He thought of another possibility. "What if Gu Xijiu had been caught by someone else? After all, she had a lot of enemies, and it was difficult to tell if their subordinates would seek revenge on her..."

The emperor replied "Even though she is missing, I can tell that she isn't suffering. On the other hand, she is currently living a happy life." These were signs that could be read through stargazing.

Long Siye felt very much relieved after he knew that she was doing well. After all, he just wanted her to be safe and happy. Anything besides that could be discussed once they had found her.

He asked Di Fuyi where he had been searching for her, and Di Fuyi did not hesitate to answer him.

Long Siye was silent for a moment and replied, "Are you trying to say that she went missing in the Dark Forest? Have you thoroughly searched each peak up to the seventh peak? Why don't you search the eighth peak? Might she have accidentally entered it?"

Di Fuyi shook his head and answered, "She will never find her way in!"

Long Siye raised his eyebrows and replied curiously, "What do you mean?"

Di Fuyi looked at him coldly and questioned. "Long Siye, you have only been to the eight peak nine times throughout all these years, right?"

Long Siye was very surprised and responded to him, "How did you know?!" In fact, he was curious about the eighth peak and wanted to check it out, but Di Fuyi had warned that no one was allowed to enter it. As a result, he was forced to sneak in on several occasions, but neither of his disciples knew about it. How did Di Fuyi know precisely the number of times he had tried entering the eighth peak?

Di Fuyi did not answer his question but continued asking him, "You have already tried nine times to enter the eighth peak from different directions. Have you managed to enter the place?"

Long Siye did not dare answer him and remained silent. He recalled that he had used a lot of tricks and skills to sneak in there, but that piece of land was as still as a piece of iron. If he could not enter the eighth peak, how could Gu Xijiu?

According to the old sayings, the enchantment of the eighth peak was established thousands of years ago by talented masters when The Lord was prosperous and glorious. It was said that one of the most powerful warcrafts on this continent was sealed. Once released, the entire world will be threatened. Therefore, the enchantment on the eight peak was equivalently strong. Regardless of how powerful the person was, none of them would be able to break it besides The Lord.

There were even rumors about the eighth peak. Long Siye was younger at that time when he arbitrarily went there several times. However, after failing on all occasions, he gave up and never stepped in there again.

He thought that no one was aware of this matter, but unfortunately, he was wrong. Di Fuyi knew everything! He gave Di Fuyi a suspicious look.

Di Fuyi was calm and said, "There is no doubt that I know who has been there." In other words, he would have been aware of it if Gu Xijiu had been there.

Even after Long Siye had thought of various possibilities, he still did not have a clue where she was hiding.

Di Fuyi issued him several warnings before he left the palace.