The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295: Gosh! She Ran Into The Eighth Peak!

Inside Fucang Hall.

Di Fuyi was stunned for almost 30 seconds. It felt as though all of his acupoints had been completely sealed!

He had seen her again!

However, she had disappeared very quickly, and he did not manage to catch her!

Her soul had detached from her body again!

Logically speaking, her clone body was unique, and her soul was not supposed to detach from her body without a unique spell. However, she had done it and even hid inside his bridechamber.

He knew that she was special and should not be judged based on common sense. She seemed to be changing too rapidly to the extent that he could not cope sometimes.

Strangely, he could not see her when her soul had detached this time around. What went wrong this time? Had his kung fu deteriorated or was her soul stronger now?

'Damn it! He did not manage to ask her regarding her whereabouts!'

Anyway, since her soul had shown up here, it must have brought the aura from where she departed. Perhaps, he could find a clue based on her aura.

He took a deep breath and rapidly checked the chamber. He seemingly smelled Gu Xijiu's aura among the bed drapes. It was kind of strange as he smelled wine within the aura.

His expression changed instantly!

It was the fragrance of banana milk fruits!

This fruit only grew in one place, which was the core of the eighth peak inside the Dark Forest and there was nowhere else where he could find it.

She had escaped to the eighth peak! How did she even manage to wander into that place?

He would have noticed it if she had reluctantly broken into that place. Also, he would have been notified if she had entered the area just like any other person. How the h*ck was she able to break in without him sensing it!?

No wonder the star which represented her was getting brighter. She was practicing at the eighth peak!

He closed his eyes slightly and thought. 'Great! Finally, he had found a clue!

However, there was one small problem...


"She's inside the core of the eighth peak?!" Mu Feng was shocked. "How did she even manage to enter that place?"

"Gosh, how could that have happened?!" Mu Lei asked as he could not accept the fact.

Mu Dian said as he shook his head, "This lady is a wonder. She always makes the impossible possible."

Mu Yun wanted to express his opinion, but he stopped just as he was about to speak.

Disaster always came out of his mouth!

From now on, he had decided to speak intelligently.

Di Fuyi finally spoke after they were done giving their opinions, "Are you done? Now that you've gotten over the shocking truth pay attention to what I have to say. I'm going into the Dark Forest tomorrow, and I would probably be there longer this time. Help me see to all the important matters here when I'm not around. As usual, Mu Feng will be the leader, and the rest of you should try your best to support him"

Mu Feng had a bad feeling. "My Lord, are you going to enter the core?! I remember you mentioning something about a natural wizardry barrier being formed between the Heaven and the Earth. Only those who were going to die soon would be sucked in by the banana-milk tree. There is currently no alternative way to enter. Even you will not be able to enter the place this way"

Di Fuyi casually replied, "If that is the case, I shall enter using the standard method."

Mu Lei was agitated. "No way! My Lord, that's too dangerous! Besides, you won't be able to get out once you have entered the place! What if Miss Gu isn't in there"

"She's there. I am sure of it." Di Fuyi said.

"But... but everyone in there hates you so much!" Mu Dian could not help but cry, "What if they take on revenge on you after you have lost all of your power"

"Yes, he's right. My Lord, we need to plan this properly first!"