The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296: He Was Confident That He Could Still Get The Ferocious Beasts Severely Injured

"I agree. My Lord, we need to plan this properly. We know that you love Miss Gu very much, but this is very serious, and we don't think that its worth it for you to take such a risk. My Lord, you're the god of this continent. What if you're trapped inside and can't get out?" Mu Yun took the risk and spoke his mind.

"It's not entirely because of her." Di Fuyi said coldly, "The wild animals which are trapped on the eighth peak are some of the most ferocious beasts in the world. The core region is the key to maintaining the barrier. Before this incident, there was nothing that the people who were trapped inside could have done. However, it's different now. Gu Xijiu has escaped into that place, and all of us know that she's an unpredictable person. If she manages to break the wizardry barrier without realizing the consequences, all of the evil beasts will escape into the human realm, and it would be harmful to the citizens. I need to stop them before it's too late and this is the best way to handle the situation."

"Let me go!" Mu Feng volunteered. "I'll explain everything to Miss Gu once I reach the core."

Di Fuyi glared at him. "Enough! I've made up my mind!"

The four messengers remained silent.

Did you just come up with a ridiculous excuse to get your girl back, my Lord?!


On the seventh peak inside the Dark Forest.

The four messengers watched as their master destroyed most of his power by walking into the seventh peak inside the Dark Forest. The ferocious beasts were roaring and howling in the dark.

The banana-milk tree was an exceptional tree. Its roots extended deep into the ground and rumor said that its roots covered the entire underground compound of the Dark Forest.

It had a unique ability which was that it was able to detect invaders quickly. Once the invaders had gone through a series of battles and were almost dead, its roots would coil around its victims and pull them into the core of the Eighth Peak.

Of course, it would not merely rescue just any invader. The victims must be someone who was worth its effort. However, if the beasts swallowed the victims, it would not bother rescuing them.

The Lord had thrown many fake heaven's gift disciples into the Dark Forest. However, only about 1/10 of the victims were rescued.

Strangely, there was a strict condition to be rescued by the tree. The victim needs to possess a spiritual power lower than level eight. The best case scenario would be if the victim possessed a spiritual power between level six and level eight. It probably felt that it was not worth its effort rescuing someone if their power was too low. On the other hand, if their spiritual power was too high (level eight and above), they also did not deserve to be rescued as they should not be defeated in the first place!

Di Fuyi destroyed a big part of his spiritual power so that he would be rescued. Therefore, he looked like he only possessed a spiritual power of level six when he walked into the Dark Forest.

The four messengers were worried and decided to keep an eye on him from four corners. They were thinking about rushing into the Dark Forest to rescue their master if he ever encountered a severe attack! They would not allow the ferocious beasts to swallow their Lord.

Most of the ferocious beasts living on the seventh peak possessed a spiritual power of level seven. Di Fuyi probably could not defeat them as he only possessed a spiritual power of level six.

However, Di Fuyi had a lot of experience even though his spiritual power was relatively low. Just as he entered the seventh peak, he encountered three level seven ferocious beasts. However, they were killed, and there was not even a scratch on his robe!

The four messengers shook their head together as they watched the battle. It seemed like it was not easy for The Lord to die. He was quite confident that he would be able to injure the ferocious beasts severely.