The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298: How Daring Are You To Interrupt My Sleep?

Alternatively, he could use his spiritual power to make a new body. However, the only trouble was that The Lord would now need to practice very hard to increase his spiritual power after he forcefully lowered it.

The Lord liked taking risks, and he also loved challenging himself through extreme activities and had never failed before. Therefore, the four messengers had never seen him make a new body ever since they worked under his supervision. In fact, it was only something that The Lord had told the four messengers. However, they had never verified his statement.

There was no way for the people living inside the core to communicate with the outer world. Hence, the four messengers had no way to contact The Lord as none of the communication tools worked.

They could only pray to the Heavens and the Earth hoping that The Lord would receive more blessings.

Di Fuyi had distributed separate tasks to each of them, and so they executed their plan according to the orders they received from The Lord. After pondering for a short while, they decided to leave...


Everyone knew that Gu Xijiu had drunk a lot last night. Hence, no one bothered waking her up so early as they assumed that she would be sleeping a little longer today. No one saw her as well during lunchtime.

Luo Zhanyu seemed to be worried and decided to drop by her place. He knocked on the door and realized that it was unlocked. He entered the house and realized that Gu Xijiu was not there. Instead, she had left a note on the table. "I'm out collecting some herbs and will only be back in the evening."

Meanwhile, the mussel was still fast asleep, and it was drooling. Perhaps, it did not even know the time.

The mussel and her other majestic beasts had been having an excellent life over the last few days as Gu Xijiu was very kind to them, and gave them complete freedom. Therefore, the mussel went out hunting with Lu Wu every day and only returned after they had filled their stomachs in the forest.

Besides that, it had also joined the feast and drank quite a lot last night, so, it was still sleeping now with its shell closed. However, it was obviously not closed tightly as it was not in a deep sleep and its saliva overflowed onto the ground.

Luo Zhanyu tapped on its shell to wake it up. It was grumpy and started cursing as soon as it opened its shell. "How dare you interrupt my sleep?!"

Luo Zhanyu almost kicked its assh*le!

The mussel was usually considered a civilized mussel, but it had recently learned many vulgar words from rude people. It could still hold back when it was conscious, but it could not hide its true colors when it was drunk.

It was still absent-minded when Luo Zhanyu asked it about its master's whereabouts. It replied with its eyes closed, "I have no idea where she is. She didn't tell me."

"Do you know what kind of herbs she had gone to collect?"

The mussel flipped its eyes. "How the h*ck would I know?"

Luo Zhanyu was furious. "You've seen her making the pills several times. What else would she need?!"

The mussel was very annoyed. "It's boring! I always fall asleep whenever I watch her making the pills. How on earth would I know what she needs?"

Luo Zhanyu was utterly speechless.

He suppressed his anger and asked, "Where's Lu Wu and Wind Caller?"

The mussel turned its shells and pointed at the bed. "Lu Wu is on the bed, and Wind Caller" It scanned the house. "Oops! Wind Caller is not here. It might have followed my master into the forest. It did not drink much last night"

Luo Zhanyu rubbed his eyes. "The forest is perilous. It's too risky for your master to go alone. You have a good sense of smell, right? Bring me to her."

The mussel did not take it seriously. "Xijiu will be fine. The highest level of beasts living inside the forest is only level seven. She's an expert with a spiritual power of level eight. You should stop worrying. She would probably be the one torturing the beasts rather than the other way around."

Luo Zhanyu frowned and continued, "Though the beasts inside the forest are not very powerful, they like traveling in groups. Even experts with a spiritual power of level nine might not be able to escape if the beasts target them! It is too dangerous!"