The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301: Bring Me To Her (2)

Everyone was surprised as they looked at the man. They had never expected that they would meet such a powerful wizard. Unfortunately, the spell consumed a lot of his energy as sweat covered the man's forehead. At the same time, his face had turned pale again.

"Your medical skill is amazing! Are you from the Tianwen clan?" Luo Zhanyu asked. After all, he had been trapped here since he was 11 years old and so he had only heard about Tianwen clan which was well known for its medical knowledge. The reason why Luo Zhanyu had thought that way was because even though the man only possessed a spiritual power of level six, his medical skills were far beyond that.

The man glimpsed at him but did not answer. However, he suddenly asked, "Is there a Miss Gu here?" Though his voice sounded hoarse, it was quite loud and clear.

Luo Zhanyu was stunned! He asked as his gaze lingered around the man, "Who are you?"

The man took a breath and yelled, "Answer me first!"

Though his spiritual power was relatively low, his aura was compelling to the extent that everyone would compromise and obey his order.

Luo Zhanyu frowned as he felt that the man was no ordinary person. He was completely different from the rest of the people who had shown up previously. He did not look like he was a severely injured teenager but instead a king or a god.

Luo Zhanyu was very alert as he recalled that the man had challenged four level seven beasts even though his spiritual power was low. He was worried that the man would harm Gu Xijiu especially when he knew nothing about the man.

After all, Luo Zhanyu possessed a spiritual power of level nine, and his aura was relatively stable. Therefore, he refused to disclose her whereabouts. "My apologies, I'm afraid that I can't answer any of your questions if you refuse to disclose your identity!"

The man closed his eyes. He realized that his patience was growing thin. He gazed at his surroundings and realized that none of the girls was the one he was looking for even though all eight of them were there.

After all, his injuries were too severe. Even though he had taken his medicine and healed his fractured ribs, he still felt pain whenever he moved. Perhaps, he might need a few days to recover.

There were many people around him, and they did not look like a group of weaklings. He realized that the people living here were having a good life. Everyone was well-trained and had even achieved a high level of spiritual power which was not easily accomplished in the outside world. They would form a very strong and powerful army once they were released from this place. However, they would probably see him as their enemy.

Just as he was about to speak, a voice was heard from afar. "Another newcomer? Wow! I must take a look then!"

A swirl of sand was formed followed by a strong wind as a light green shadow rushed into the crowd. "Excuse me! Move away, please! Let me take a look!"

The crowd quickly made a pathway, and a mussel rolled towards the man. Its shell opened, and the little kid inside stretched its neck out to take a look. Its eyes widened as it saw the man who was trying to sit up. "Celestial Master Zuo!"

It shouted in a loud voice, and everyone's mind was immediately blown away as they heard the title!

'Celestial Master Zuo?!'

'Di Fuyi?!'

'How was that possible?!'

The crowd was initially silent. However, it was followed by a lot of noise later! Everyone quickly retreated as though a storm was passing by in front of them. However, they gritted their teeth and stepped forward again while drawing out their weapons at the same time. Their blades were shining in midair as they encircled the newcomer.

Luo Zhanyu was shocked as well. Even though there was no hatred between him and Celestial Master Zuo, he listened to all the negative news and criticism about him. They subconsciously hated and feared of him.

Luo Zhanyu took a step back as he lifted his palms and asked the mussel, "Is he Celestial Master Zuo? Are you sure?"