The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302: Bring Me To Her (3)

Di Fuyi always puts on a mask when he was out. Though those people were sent into the Dark Forest by him, they have never seen his actual appearance. Moreover, though he was the one who decided their penalty, the four messengers were the executors.

They only saw him at the Open Heaven Stage, and some did not even manage to get on the stage as he could recognize they were fake heaven's gift disciples just by looking at them.

Since the mussel shouted so loud, everyone was shocked as they could not believe it. In their heart, Celestial Master Zuo was a fairy who lived in the clouds. Could this injured man really be him?

Countless of gazes fell on the mussel and it immediately became the center of attention. It said with pride, "Of course! He is! I always see him whenever I'm with my master"

It then rolled forward and stopped in front of Di Fuyi. "Celestial Master Zuo, why would you be here? Gosh, how did you get hurt so badly"

Of course, the man was indeed Di Fuyi, and he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the mussel.

She was here!

His effort was not wasted!

"Where's your master?" Di Fuyi asked.

"My master went to the forest to collect some herbs; she's yet to return."

No wonder he did not see her, he thought she ran away and hid somewhere again when she saw him.

Di Fuyi did not talk about anything else but said, "Bring me to her!" He wanted to get up, but he could stand properly.

Everyone else finally regained their consciousness!

The girls in the crowd had a complicated feeling to Di Fuyi. However, the men were completely different! All the men were rude and reckless, coupled with the fact that the culprit was just right in front of them, and was extremely weak at the moment, what were they waiting for if not today?

Therefore, all of them quickly surrounded Di Fuyi and shouted angrily, "Di Fuyi, today is the day!"

"Di Fuyi, do you think this is karma that you're trapped in here today?"

"Di Fuyi, do you still remember me?! Initially, I didn't say that I'm a heaven's gift disciple, I was joking with my friend, but you insisted on sending me to the Dark Forest, and I almost died! 15 years! I've been trapped in here for 15 years!"

Initially, only one person was questioning. Very soon, everyone joined the interrogation, and the fire was about to burn!

Some people were hot-tempered and reckless. They attacked Di Fuyi. "This is your karma, go to h*ll!"

Everyone followed after one began the attack. In just a second, countless of rays shone on Di Fuyi!

Since they were furious, they could be bothered to control their power; revenge was more important than anything else!

A strong tiger would also be afraid of a group of wolves, besides that, Di Fuyi was an injured tiger now. All the attacks coming from every direction could make him handicapped before he could see Gu Xijiu.

Right at the critical moment, Di Fuyi moved!

Before this, he was still sitting there and could barely move. However, in the blink of an eye, he managed to escape and landed beside Luo Zhanyu and said, "I'm your sister's fiance!"

Luo Zhanyu was shocked and shouted, "Wait a second!"