The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304: Bring Me To Her (5)

Everyone understood the pros and cons of letting him live. However, they were worried about him getting revenge in the future.

Di Fuyi seemed to understand their concern. "It's completely reasonable for you to hate me since I dare to enter this place. I'm not afraid that you would take revenge on me. However, do you think that you could kill me?"

Someone laughed and said as they looked at Di Fuyi's pale face and weak body, "I'm sure even a child could kill you now…"

Before he had finished talking, the man in front of him had disappeared, and he felt his body stiffen in fear. At once, he realized that his neck was in Di Fuyi's palm when he had regained consciousness.

Di Fuyi said with an icy tone as his smooth, and fair hand tightly grabbed onto the man's neck, "Who can kill who? Does it mean that your Kung Fu is worse than a child's?"

The man was frightened and ran out of words. His opened his mouth slightly as if he was gasping for air.

The man possessed a spiritual power less than level seven, and he was probably one of the weakest people around. However, even ten buff men could not get near to him. Yet, he had been caught by Celestial Master Zuo who now looked as weak as a baby.

Di Fuyi's strategy was very effective as the people who were about to attack him quickly stopped moving.

Di Fuyi glanced at them with a smile. "I'll forget about the incident today if you stop here. However, I'll make sure that you will never get to escape from here for the rest of your life if you try attacking me again!"

As he possessed a strong aura, the crowd felt threatened by his words. Even though they were still holding their weapons, those who were rational no longer pointed their weapons at Di Fuyi. They asked doubtfully, "Are you serious?"

"Of course." Di Fuyi replied casually.

He slowly let go of the man that he was choking and pushed him away.

Everyone remained silent.

Most of them were trapped in here ever since they were teenagers. Hence, they heard a lot about Di Fuyi, but no one knew him personally. Therefore, they doubted his promise. However, in the interest of staying alive, they decided not to attack him anymore.

The villagers had been reckless earlier due to their anger. However, they seemed to have calmed down now. There were too many consequences if they killed Celestial Master Zuo. Furthermore, they might not even be able to do so.

In fact, Luo Zhanyu seemed to believe that Di Fuyi was Gu Xijiu's fiance. However, he was still confused about Gu Xijiu's attitude towards Di Fuyi.

After all, Gu Xijiu had called his name twice when she was having nightmares. However, he was unsure whether she loved him or hated him. Therefore, he said after pondering for a while, "Hey guys, please calm down. Let's wait for Xijiu to return." He then turned around and looked at Di Fuyi. "Anyway, we know nothing much about your background…"

To his surprise, Di Fuyi did not even bother looking at him. Instead, he knocked on the mussel's shell. "Bring me to her!"

"Sure!" The mussel responded and waited for Di Fuyi to get into its shell.

"Open." Di Fuyi ordered.

The mussel opened its shell without hesitation, and Di Fuyi stepped into its shell. "Alright, let's go! I don't like the bumpy feeling. Please, run steadily."

The mussel was speechless. Celestial Master Zuo was always good at ordering the mussel.


The mussel left in a hurry and Lu Wu also rushed to catch up with them. It seemed like all of them were in a hurry to find Gu Xijiu.