The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307: Find Her

Of course, there were other people around her. The mussel saw several different colors surrounding the Hongying dragon.

The squeaks, the percussions of the blade, the sound of beasts from time to time. It was clear that a fierce battle was taking place.

The mussel was a level seven beast. Usually, most beasts would have an inherent fear of other creatures who were more powerful than their kind. It was not surprising that the mussel was anxious when it saw the Hongying Dragon.

It looked around and found that many savage beasts were hiding in their nest among the grass. They were probably scared of the Hongying Dragon.

Only Lu Wu squeaked excitedly. It raced towards the direction of the fight, ignoring the mussel altogether.

Meanwhile, the mussel was still wondering whether it should wait for Di Fuyi's command or head over to find out what was happening.

Furthermore, it had Celestial Master Zuo in its shell!

Not to mention a level eight beast, even the legendary nine-level beast would be a piece of cake for Di Fuyi.

Therefore, the mussel began rushing forward.

'Master, hold on! I am bringing you a helper!'


It was probably due to the influence of that dream that Gu Xijiu felt a little grumpy this morning, and she could not meditate even for a moment. It was impossible for her to make the medicines she wanted based on her current mood. Therefore, she decided to head to the mountain to collect some herbs. She wanted some time off to calm herself.

After entering the mountain, a strong breeze blew, and she began feeling peaceful. However, she was still looking for some way to vent her frustration.

She knew how to teleport and roughly knew where the herb she needed was located. She usually needed two to four hours to collect the herbs, and the savage beasts might not even notice her at times. However, this time she wanted to be distracted, so she decided to walk all the way to collect the herbs that she needed.

If she came across stupid animals who wanted to fight with her, she would slash them and turn them into dishes.

The method she used to get herself distracted was functional, and she began feeling proud when she sent a level seven beast home.

She remembered that when she had first entered the Dark Forest, she had been chased by the beasts. It was very frustrating during those times, but now she was finally able to kill them. She was fierce, and so the savage animals would flee whenever they saw her.

She finally collected the herbs that she wanted and felt better. Just as she was prepared to return, she heard a loud sound from a distance. The sound was made by the hunters, and it seemed that they were in danger!

Gu Xijiu recently got along well with those hunters. She immediately rushed to find them after she heard their call for help. Soon enough, she saw the dragon.

The hunters did not know where the dragon had appeared from. It aggressively attacked them as soon as it had appeared. Three people had been injured when Gu Xijiu arrived. The others were desperately surrounding by the dragon.

The twenty people who had gone out hunting were the elites of the village. Even though they were experts at using their skills, they were still beaten by the Hongying Dragon.

Gu Xijiu was confused and asked one of them who was wearing a bandage, "This is a level eight beast. Why don't you just run away?"

The man answered with a pale face. "It is the Hongying Dragon. It is a mighty beast."