The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308: Find Her (2)

The man answered with a pale face. "It is the Hongying Dragon. It is a mighty creature. If you hurt it, it will chase you until it manages to kill you... If we run now, it will follow us back to the village!" If that happened, the dragon would attack even more people in the village. They did not want to bring disaster to the town. As a result, their only choice would be to fight to the death here.

Gu Xijiu felt puzzled and replied, "Since you all know that it is so powerful, why would you still provoke it?"

The man almost cried and said, "This dragon turned into an Anaconda and slept in a hole. It so happened that our leader wanted to hunt for an Anaconda this time as he said that it was delicious. Its skin is beautiful, and the village women would be able to use it to make a pair of good shoes for you to wear and sew a snakeskin bag for you to keep your herbs.

As a result, we accidentally irritated the Hongying Dragon…"

Gu Xijiu quickly bandaged their wounds for them. At the same time, she also paid attention to the dragon's attack patterns and tried coming up with a strategy.

After she had finished bandaging their wounds, she had finished planning her strategy too and immediately joined the battle.

At this moment, the leader who was attacking the dragon was Baili Ce. His skill level was considered the highest among the group. He was also the central defender. He noticed Gu Xijiu approaching the battlefield.

He was surprised when he saw that she had suddenly joined the battle. From his perspective, hunting beasts was a man's job. The ladies were too weak to hunt. Rescuing wounded victims was the best support that a lady could offer.

He saw that Gu Xijiu was getting closer and so he unconsciously yelled at her, "Miss Gu, it's too dangerous. You don't have to come over here!"

Baili Ce got distracted while he was talking to Gu Xijiu and the claws of the Hongying Dragon nearly caught him! Fortunately, Gu Xijiu had pulled him aside at the last second. She said, "Stop taking. Let's quickly break ourselves into three groups..."

Gu Xijiu quickly rearranged the teams and told them her strategy to beat Hongying Dragon. Baili Ce had faith in her and immediately asked his team members to follow her orders.

It was evident that Gu Xijiu's strategy and team formation was working as their offensive power was almost doubled! Gu Xijiu's teleportation technique made her look like she was a skilled assassin. Even though the dragon was not severely hurt, their attacks had enraged it.

The Hongying Dragon had been moving like a silent snake on the ground. However, the dragon was now furious after they had attacked it and it roared, releasing a strong gust of wind. It screamed and took off to the sky just like a rainbow hanging in the air...

The roar it made was deafening and shocking.

A tragic incident took place when the dragon took off. Its claws had hooked around Baili Ce's arm, and it was ripped off from his body! Blood showered out of Baili Ce's body as he screamed in agony and took several steps backward!

Gu Xijiu rushed towards him in a flash and directly sealed several acupoints on his arm to stop the blood from pouring out. She said, "Keep your broken arm safe. I will help you to attach it back later!" She then threw a bottle of medicine onto his other hand and said, "Take one of these tablets first!"

She checked on him for about three seconds to make sure that he understood what to do before heading back into battle. The pain from his injury shot up his spine.